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[Neutral Faction] Free Archeological Society

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<Free Archeological Society>


A dig in Desolace has begun to gather further attention. Promising evidence of titan ruins have gathered a crew to the site in hopes of riches and knowledge. With growing pressure the leader of the party has called upon those that helped make the initial discovery.


Led by Vivian Greyhall, and assisted by Lead Engineer Lethril, and Linguistics Expert Maelithstria, the Free Archeological Society was formed.


[Neutral Guild, meant to encompass multiple organizations (as well as individuals) and increase RP on Paragon. All* classes and races welcome! Inquire with me on Discord or in game! @Goldfish#8683]


(* obvious exceptions of course)


Current Staff:

>Majordomo - Vivian Greyhall

    Majorsomo speaks for the society. Negotiating on its behalf with the advice of the Council. This is the leader of the society.


>Dean of Coin - Unnamed (acting)

    Expeditions cost money. The Dean of Coin is responsible for the tracking of said currencies. All accountants within the society are overseen (and possibly trained) by them.


>Dean of Scrolls - Maelithstria

    Dean of Scrolls is the master of secrets and mysteries. Responsible for the branch that studies and catalogs all materials and artifacts obtained by the Society, and for instructing those who join it.


>Dean of Gears- Lethril (acting)

    Dean of Gears trains engineers and tinkers. Keeping them up to par on the proper use of technology.


>Dean of Blades- NA

    Dean of blades is responsible for the training of the society’s martially inclined. Also in charge of those who protect forward operations bases for the Society.


>Dean of Spells- NA (pending)

    Dean of spells is responsible for making sure any sworn society members receive proper training in the mystic arts.


>Council Speakers- NA (multiple)

    Council Speakers come in one of two varieties. You are either a Faction representative, or a sworn member of the society who has shown wisdom enough to be trust with influencing society decisions.


>Venture Captains- NA (multiple)

    Venture Captains oversee works in particular regions or under particular sets of codes. They are the leaders of Venture Houses which can be founded under society name for a fee. Granting them access to knowledge and material cost discounts.


Basic Tenants of the Society Include:


1. All materials and items obtained by means of Society expedition will be taken by the House of Scrolls. There the items and materials will be measured, studies, and cataloged.


After this process a share of the materials is offered back to the members of the expedition, if not taken the Society will purchase said items from these members to be sold to somebody in need of it. All profits are returned to the Society coffers to be utilized by the organization.


2. Members of the Society will be expected to turn in artifacts of cultural importance to the House of Scrolls for catalog and study. These items are returned to the member that turned them in ASAP.


3. One member of the society shall not knowingly harm, nor allow a member to come to harm should they have the power to stop it.


4. Grievances shall be taken to the appropriate Dean or Venture Captain for moderation before further action is taken, ESPECIALLY whilst on an expedition.


5. Theft of Society property, misuse of the Society name, and/or destruction of society property will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the society. If expelled all currently held assets will be seized and redistributed or sold.


6. Murder of a member, by another member of the society will not be tolerated, and will be met with swift retribution.


((Still a WiP page.))

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This sounds fun. I have a Tauren mage of the reliquary who'd like this. Been wanting to rp him again for a long time.

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