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CHrONicLe Regular

CHrONicLe Regular


"None are Higher. None are Bolder. Do NOT TREAD on US."





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THE YEAR was 6 ADP when our King BETRAYED his people...


He sold his land, his pride, for power...


And as our nation fell under the boots of former 'allies... We stood alone as Ogres and Bandits descended upon us, claiming our lands...


... No more!


NO MORE, shall we stoop down to pick up scraps of cold food to survive! We shall take steel and musket to bear, and TAKE BACK OUR LAND!


RISE UP, Alterac! The Call of Arms is nigh! It is time to fight for Freedom!





The ALTERAC LIBERATION ARMY was formed during the Second Invasion of The Legion, under the Captain ROGAR LANE, who, putting his old Noble ways, name and power away, and buying guns, supplies and loyal men, created a force of Guerilla fighters and warriors situated in a hideout in the peaks of Alterac. Their goal was simple- rid the Valley of ALL foreigners- especially the Horde. They seek to free ALL of Alterac, using new weaponry. Unlike the militaries of the Alliance and Horde, they do not use shield walls and swords. They use gunpowder, cannons and gunnery. They use guerilla tactics, shadow warfare and espionage to take advantage of their enemies.


The makeup of the ALTERAC LIBERATION ARMY is simple. The Captain leads alongside a council of three Lieutenants, each voted into their service by the lower soldiers- Privates and Sergeants. Every five Privates have one Sergeant, who leads them as a flexible unit on the battlefield with his own orders and ways of strategy. However, there is a number of Sergeants under one Lieutenant, who are given orders from the Captain.


If a Sergeant falls, he is replaced with one of his Privates. If a Lieutenant falls, a Sergeant is to be voted in his place. If the Captain falls, one of three Lieutenants must be voted in by both Sergeants and Privates.


One Sergeant could be leading a Squad of Guerilla Soldiers. One could be leading a scouting Squad. One an espionage, one a guard one and one sergeant might be leading the vanguard squad. The point is to push flexibility and merit in the forefront.


Any and ALL Alliance Races are welcome to join, and military minds of other races, especially dwarves, are welcome. Alteraci are taken in without question.


The HIDEOUT is secret to all but the Army itself.


COME, soldiers of the Alliance and Alterac! Reclaim Alterac with us, and rid these lands of our enemies- the Undead, the Ogres and the Horde!







Hey, guys!

Thiccroy here!


I know, didn't I post a guild recruitment ad two days ago?


I did...




Yeah, that idea didn't even stick with me. Hopefully, this one will.


This is a semi-neutral military guild. But, in truth, this is a self-renounced ex-Noble who has gathered and is gathering an Army to 'filibuster' into 'Horde Territory' AKA most of Alterac, aka, No Man's Land.


The goal of this guild is to conduct raids and small skirmishes with great emphasis on player teamwork and 'Aks not what your Guild can do for you, but ask what you can do for your guild' kind of motif of RP.


This is a meritocratic, kinda-democracy guild, with, yes, a hierarchy, but hey, it fits.


For now, I hope to have people joining up. Any class and race from the Alliance side are welcome but do understand what you are coming into.



Contact Thiccroy#8129 for more and possibly an invite!


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CHrONicLe Regular

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CAPTAIN Rogar Lane

LIEUTENANT Jurgen Flintsteel


SERGEANT Nils Warmund


PRIVATE Aiden Hankock
PRIVATE Balgrim Hardfoot
PRIVATE Albus Barnes

PRIVATE Ronric Velaynes

PRIVATE Ullgar Goldfist


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