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Special Operations' Commission

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Who is this event for?: Alderic, my main character.
What is the event?:

Alderic has a campaign on the drawing table, the Operation: Wolfhome you guys might have seen in the Lexicon. But to proceed with that, he needs to present the plans and what will be done, how and when, to the High Command. Specifically the Grand Marshal and a few other high ranking officers (hence why I call it a Special Operations' Commission), maybe some SI:7 chief, and then the Admiralty because he'll need naval support. So resuming:


_ gather in a meeting with High Command to present the plans for Operation: Wolfhome. I expect the presence of the Grand Marshal, but if that's considered not doable by the Event Manager, it's fine. A council of Marshals would do just fine.

The next steps depend on the first one being Approved by the council of officers.


_ gather with the Admiralty, also expecting the presence of the Grand Admiral of Stormwind, but if not possible, a few Admirals might do. This is when Alderic will lay out the operation to them and request their support as the naval power of Stormwind.


If these two steps are succesful, then I'm going to assume the wheel of things and the next step will be a petition for resources in the HoN, and that doesn't need a DM anymore .. I think. 


These steps can be done all in a day or one by one, depends on the DM's availability and disposition. 
What rewards are possible?:

Well .. basically? Approval to continue with the campaign. Nothing material like a weapon or armor, money, nothing of the sort. If it is approved, great, I'll provide RP, if not, well .. I'm not a competent pencil pusher, ahahah.

Is the goal of the event for the purposes of another character?

... I mean. If it goes through, the goal is provide RP for other characters, not just one, heh.

Timezone & Availability:

GMT -3, Brazil. I'm available during weekdays from .. 13:00 ST to 16:00 ST. Weekends are usually the same but there might be expections.

Discord or Forums, you know where to find me.


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A DM, preferably one with Alliance military experience, should take this one up. No issues here!

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@Nalyd Just hit me up whenever you're available and we'll get to it.

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