Kosumoth the Hungering

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The seals have broken... one by one the five fell, along with their guardians. The adventurers breaking the final orb knew madness, for but a fleeting moment. In that dark minute, they knew what must be done: strike down the one called "The Hungerer" before his campaign of death dooms the entire planet and throws Azeroth back into the days of the Black Empire.


Aight Paragon, this has been a long time coming, apologies for the delay. Weekends have been busy with events and I think it's time I be assertive and claim Kosumoth for the 14th. I've got items on a loot table made, but the only hint I'll give is that you should totally be there if you like void... or aquatic friends. Item names will be dropped as well, but don't expect any major spoilers.


September 14th. 2:30 Server. Invites open at 2:20.


Unique Loot:
Fathom Dweller- Mount. Upon Kosumoth’s demise, a jellyfish suspended in a void pool elsewhere in the Eye found you. PASSIVE: You can open a small void rift to call the jellyfish mount in any deep water. It is incapable of combat, but causes you to move very fast underwater. You can also breathe underwater whilst mounted upon this mount.


Hungering Claw- Battle Pet/Companion. When Kosumoth fell, a fragment of his power was left behind in the form of a small tentacle. PASSIVE: This tentacle follows you. It is capable of combat, but it is very small. It does, however, provide a small buff to shadow/void attacks and a minor resistance to mental effects.


Kosumoth's Visions of Madness- Dagger. A fallen relic upon the Old God servant’s form calls out to you. Upon grabbing it, you feel a rush of the Void’s power, along with visions… ones that wish you’d never seen. The Old Gods’ destruction of yore is shown to you all at once, the death and despair they wrought is all yours to see. If you’re of non-void powers, this will indeed corrupt you.


PASSIVE: Your strikes with the blade deal slight Void damage on hit, and any spells of Void using the blade are amplified in power, a moderate boost, roughly 30%.

ACTIVE: Once per three days, you can look into the blade’s eye, gazing upon utter chaos in an alternate reality. In this vision, you pull a spirit free, causing it to cast spells from its own timeline, the effects being similar to the region you’re in. For example, if in the Barrens, you may get a Druid of the Fang, an orc grunt, or a Darkspear axe thrower. The spirit lasts until killed, or until combat completes. When the spirit departs, you get a moderate heal as a gift for setting it free from its eternal torment. (DM decides the spawn, nothing immense in power… no dragons/void beings/titan constructs… unless the DM wants it, of course.)



Non-unique Loot. Everyone that doesn't get one of the above can select one of these.


Hand of the Old Gods- Fist Weapon. A crustacean-like claw found within the remains of the Old God servant speaks to you… not literally like some other weapons, you just think this would make a good choice. PASSIVE: Melee attacks with this claw deal minor spiritual water damage. ACTIVE: Once per day, a bubblebeam may be shot from this chitinous claw, dealing moderate spiritual water damage to two enemies in sight.


Mask of the Hungerer- Head. A mask of grotesque proportions made from the remains of the beast’s hide. PASSIVE: This masks grants minor resistance to mental effects (Roll 20, get 20... if DM allows) and moderate resistance to Void-based attacks.


Void-Infused Ring- Finger. This gem of untold madness was socketed into a silver ring, what horrors does it hold? ACTIVE: Once per week, you may dispel a mid-level fear effect from yourself. (At DM’s discretion for what constitutes as mid-level)


C'thraxxi-Hide Shield- Off-Hand. The hide of a C’thraxxi makes a decent shield… rugged, spiky, and oddly resistant to some magics. PASSIVE: The shield has moderate Void resistances and will withstand blunt trauma oddly well. (Strength Four)


no spoilers hehe

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What if I like killing Old God minions?

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