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The Knightly Order of the Black Morass

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"The Human Spirit,
Always Survives"



Formerly Deacon of the Church of the Holy Light, Thomas MacGroener has claimed a right to inherit the noble County of Kingsmoor in the Swamp of Sorrows. Kingsmoor has been in ruins since the First War, but Thomas believes that its revival is of paramount importance spiritually, politically, and defensively.


House MacGroener seeks to return to the Swamp of Sorrows and rebuild the County of Kingsmoor, and to this end, the aspiring Count has created:

The Knightly Order of the Black Morass


This order is dedicated to purging the Black Morass of its dark secrets and rebuilding a beacon of the Light where once a proud arm of the Kingdom reached. Those who seek out adventure, riches, and a good cause should find the former Deacon and request entry into this new Knightly Order to become a Knight of the Black Morass.


The Order is currently young and accepting almost any applicants. In time, a system of ranks and titles will be established and the Order will become concretely intertwined with the development of Kingsmoor. For this reason, it is much more appealing to join the Order now, when requirements are loose, than to wait for it to become an established organization.



One must only be loyal to the Alliance first and foremost, and own a desire to stand up for those endangered by our tumultuous and chaotic world. Those with 'questionable' service records will be evaluated on an individual basis.



As many of the Order's charges will be to recover items of wealth for the rebuilding of the County, Knights will be entitled to keep a portion of the wealth they recover as payment. As it stands, weapons and armor cannot be provided by House MacGroener, nor can reliable shelter.


As the County of Kingsmoor is rebuilt, a Knightly Hall will be one of the first buildings to be constructed, which will serve as a common area and bunkhouse for the Order. As the County's economy begins providing for itself, Knights will also receive reliable wages, and will be given armor, weapons, and heraldry per request.



In its current state, the Knightly Order will answer directly to Thomas MacGroener, and by proxy to the Kingdom of Stormwind. As time goes on, the rank of Champion will serve as a leader for the Order.



OOC Information:

The Knights of the Black Morass will be a faction of the "House MacGroener" Guild, and will go through a series of events to rebuild the County of Kingsmoor. These will be guild events pertaining to a wide range of objectives, and even when the County has been rebuilt, there will still be jobs to be taken on.


Once the Knights have 5 members total, I will make an Event Request to begin the Rebuilding of Kingsmoor.

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20 minutes ago, The Stranger said:

where is kingsmoor

I would've thought that obvious from the post, but oh well.


The County of Kingsmoor is situated along the southeastern coast of the Swamp of Sorrows

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