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Legion in the Barrens!

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The Burning Legion continues its restless crusade to get rid of Azeroth!


News around Horde territory is that Legion presence has been confirmed in the vicinity of the Crossroads. After a patrol has gone missing, Chieftess Sergra Darkthorn from the Crossroads called for the aid of able-bodied citizens of the Horde, to what a group answered the call. 


After being briefed by Thork, the Captain of the security in Crossroads, the group ventured towards the Wailing Caverns - a place that rose suspicion on the local druids due to the highly sinister aura emanating from the misterious caverns.


After facing demons at the entrance of the cavern, the group found the missing patrol, or what was left of it. According to the patrol's leader, the Caverns are indeed filled with demons and the situation is far worst than they imagined. 


The Chieftess has sent a missive to Orgrimmar, requesting further assistance against the Legion, both from the Horde's Army and anyone else willing to make a stand and jeopardize the Burning Legion's influence in the region before it spreads further. 



Every minute lost is what the Legion needs to grow stronger in the area.

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Damn those Legion guys.

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News has reached Alliance territory about the Burning Legion in the Barrens!


After receiving a report from Rear Admiral Hartley from Northwatch Hold, Merchant Coast of the Barrens, it has been confirmed that the demons are setting a foothold in the miraculous Overgrowth - the jungle grown in the middle of the Barrens by the kaldorei druid Naralex.


Rumor has it that a lot of the local fauna has been tainted by Fel Magic and that a large number of demons are gathering within the wilderness. An attack on Northwatch is supposedly imminent and could cause the loss of the fortress (once more) due to the lack of men and supplies currently manning its walls.


It is of critical importance that the Alliance send help in order to maintain their positions in the Barrens and stop the Burning Legion! 

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