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The Barrens Rampage

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In the endless dry plains of the Barrens, the clash of sword and the cries of war were last heard

years ago with the madness of the son of Hellscream and his True Horde. Once more, the 

echoes of battle are rumbling in the horizon with the army of demons stationed in none

other than the quiet and misterious Wailing Caverns. 


A stronghold of demonic wickedness seems to have been installed in the depths of these Caverns

and the scent of darkness and evil can be felt merely by approaching its main entrance. 


The Burning Legion .. has finally reached the savannas of Central Kalimdor.





As the title and description explains, this is the Event Thread for the Legion Invasion of the Barrens. As always, it will be used to keep track of what is happening in the region, what sort of information is going around regarding what's common knowledge, what has been discovered and what's supposed to be known only by important people such as Horde officers.


As for factions, Horde and Alliance will be included, although one of the reasons for the Barrens being picked up is to give some spark to Horde RP again. And it is not a joke nor a meme. Other relevant factions may join, provided they have a good reason.


There's going to be small scale events, such as spontaneous ones, and big scale Events that will be usually held in the weekends. 



The Horde_15.png?version=ece5bfd58dad1e79267Horde is led by 16px-IconSmall_Orc_Female.gif?version=abSergra Darkthorn, the Chieftess of Crossroads.  

The Alliance_15.png?version=f0f5d84285e5eee6Alliance, when it comes into play, is led by 16px-IconSmall_Human_Male.gif?version=dcRear Admiral Hartley, chief Navy officer of Northwatch Hold.


This thread will be used to post rewards and inform the community of Event dates and time.




  • 1.0 Both_15.png?version=e34099f026618e068db8The Call to Arms [Done]

The local leaders of the local settlements in Northern Barrens announce their requests for aid given strange happenings in the savannas.


1.1 Horde_15.png?version=ece5bfd58dad1e79267Call to Arms: Crossroads
Sergra Darkthorn has sounded a Call to Arms to all able bodied Horde citizens to report to her in the Crossroads in order to pursue answers to certain strange events unfolding in her perimeter.

1.2 Alliance_15.png?version=f0f5d84285e5eee6Call to Arms: Northwatch
Rear Admiral Hartley, the current chief Navy officer in charge of Northwatch has sent a request of aid to the Alliance so that able bodied citizens may report to him in Northwatch Hold in order to investigate the recent issues happening in  his perimeter and to the north, in the Horde's territory.



  • 2.0 Both_15.png?version=e34099f026618e068db8The Legion in the Savannah

With the Burning Legion's presence confirmed in the Barrens, it is time to take preventive actions and prepare for a possible campaign given the mere news of demons around may be only the principle of an all out assault on the savannah.



2.1 Horde_15.png?version=ece5bfd58dad1e79267Warsong 'n Demons, Again!
The group of Warsong warriors and their officer that were recently saved form the demon's clutches in the Wailing Caverns revealed the horrible news of the Legion dwelling within the long abandoned Caverns. News of groups of demons going out to occupy key positions has reached Crossroads and measures have to be taken.

Date and Hour: [To be Done]


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Horde_15.png?version=ece5bfd58dad1e79267Call to Arms: Crossroads

Participants: Arald, Val'zan, Neja, Rhiz'ga, Fizraxx, Gerathok and Salyssa

Rewards: 2 gold and 50 silver to non-military personnel. 


Alliance_15.png?version=f0f5d84285e5eee6Call to Arms: Northwatch

Participants: Darnam, Kayleigh, Urdren, Gaius, Kaylis, Talharcen, Aimes and Carlyn.

Rewards: 2 gold and 50 silver to non-military personnel.

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UPDATE: the main thread has been edited to include the Events done and the next event to be done. The date for the next event will be announced as soon as possible.

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