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Republican Party

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Within all the hardships of war and the rising rate of poverty in some areas of the Kingdom of Stormwind, rumours are heard of a charismatic man giving speeches throughout taverns, inns and public gathering areas. 


"Brothers and sisters, too long have our ruling class not allowed us, the -people- to decide our own faiths. While wars are waged, I see only sadness... sorrow... and hardship. I see children in Westfall weep from hunger while the children in Duskwood look frantically around them, abandoned. And here, I sit here to ask... where are those who are meant to ensure -our- safety, -our- welfare?! Where is the King when thousands over thousands do not have homes or cannot afford a proper meal? Where was the King when the entire province of Westfall burned as nobles dined in their halls. 

And I see in this crowd some elven, gnomish and dwarven brothers and sisters. Do you not wish a voice? Do you not wish to have a say?! Imagine a place where you pay taxes that you may decide upon. Imagine a place where the people, not those born into power, but those who the people decide rule the people.


A government by the people for the people!"


And so, the calls of justice and democracy are heard throughout these locations. This man is heard to travel around and goes by the name of Mr. Smith. In his remarks, he calls for protests and petitions. 




This is a revolutionary guild highly based on ideology. The ideology is justice and democracy.




Establish a free and independent Republic of Stormwind, where all races, no matter their creed or gender, may have a say in governance. Establish a body that will be elected by anyone who is a citizen in the Kingdom. Ensure that the new Republic is built upon the ideals of justice, equality and liberty.



Party Ranks


Chairman/Founder - Charles Denton. Decided by the Central Committee.

Central Committee Members - These are basically advisors and the high council of the Party. These are elected members by the party members of those they wish to represent them. For our intents and purposes, elections will be deemed won by those who wish to take a seat on the committee. 

Provincial Committee Members - These are those who organize in specific regions and work the same way as the Central Committee.


Preachers - These are people in charge of preaching the ideals and recruiting members.


Party Members - Voting members of the Party. They may take any role in the Party.

Military Section (Party Member Only)

Lieutenants - Military leaders of the Party. Appointed by the Central Committee.

Sergeants - Aids to the Lieutenants.

Soldiers - Self explanatory.


Whisper IG to Phillippe or Denton, send a message via Discord or PM me over Forum if interested! We can have a chat.

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