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[Chain] The Lost Forge

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A tale as old as time to the Titanforged who recall their old masters - of a forge and smiths eternal to make armaments for their armies against the Old Gods. However, this forge were lost to everything except myth and legend. However, with the invasion of the Legion has come a need for this forge. With the fall of Gul'dan comes the right chance to seek the legends of these vaults. The heroes will have to work with various figures to not only find this forge but unlock their secrets as well.





During this chain of events, the gathered players will travel with the likes of Hemet Nesingwary, Taran Zhu, and Hymdall to hunt down the legends of the forge. You will contend with the ancient defenses of the forges, enemies of the Titans, and maddened Titanforged minions - Mogu and others alike. Only then will you unlock the secrets of the lost forge.

Beware, you will not come out of this unharmed. You may even find that the Void's mad touch linger upon you. However, succeed and you will find the Forge unlocked to transform your weapons, make a new weapon altogether, or even forge something worthy of the Vrykul legends. However, be wary, for some forces might just attach to your craft. Forces that bear ill will towards Azeroth are watching the Forge.



So yes, this chain is all about unlocking a lost forge of the Titans. In doing so you will gain the ability to forge or reforge your armaments. Please note that it is I who will design the weapon/remake of the weapon. This chain is oriented towards the experienced rather than the inexperienced - apprentices and squires will find themselves on death's door or even barred by the likes of Taran Zhu and Hemet. 

The chain will start soon, and it will end roughly before we reach the Maiden of Vigilance in the Tomb of Sargeras. The items rewarded from this are meant to last. If you're the type to constantly replace items or not use them, then please don't come to this chain. For each event, the cap will be no more than ten. The priority will be given to prior attendees of Lords of Entropy for the first event, and then the rest will follow priority of those who attended this chain's first event.

Each event will be aimed for 4pm ST, and may last upwards of three hours for some. This will not change.

There may be a gold reward or knowledge reward, but the MAIN reward is the Forge's potential. But be aware that it will only work once. After that, you will no longer be able to access the forgs. However, there will be other warnings throughout the chain - provided in-character through the NPCs. It would be wise to pay attention and not be murder-hobo.

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The Forge of Valor [KALIMDOR]
Hemet Nesingwary has located the Forge of Valor - one of three Forges dedicated to crafting or remaking items worthy of the Titanforged of legend. However, the group must contend with the burrowed threats of Kalimdor to unlock the Forge.

  • CAP: 10
  • THREAT: Old God minions (C'thun)






  • NEW Smithing Techniques
  • Crafting Material
  • A Personal Weapon or Armor Piece
  • Gold
  • Possibly more?

Some of this depends on how destroyed a body is and what the NPC in charge says about looting corpses.

Now onto the meat and bones: The Weapon or Armor piece.


If you wish for this to be your reward, you will need to attend only ONE of the Forges. After that, I will ask you to tell me if the character is pursuing weapon or armor. From there, I will work on the item reward catered to your character. I will ask that you contact me on Discord with something like 'Hey, x here' (x being your character) - as I will likely be asking questions.

Please be warned that these rewards will be done to the best of their ability. I am not promising something supremely amazing as it will be triple checked and given cool downs & such. While I would love to go absolutely nuts on these - I have standards I have to abide by. The item will be given over to you over Discord when it is finished an approved.

Also, please be patient with me when we finish the chain. I'll try to get these done ASAP but there's a reason why there's a ten person cap - and priority will be given to prior attendees. I would have done sign ups for this, but that felt odd to me.

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While I'll do a proper edited post tomorrow - here is a list of changes I'm doing to this chain for my benefit.

1.) Its being renamed to The Lost Forge
2.) Events AFTER tomorrow's will deal with things related to the Forge - empowering it, materials, threats, etc
3.) Those who attend will need to stay after for explicit instructions on how the forging process for their chosen item will go on an OOC level.
4.) Those who manage to not be able to make it/miss out due to my cap: You will still get a chance at the reward for assisting with the events that follow tomorrow's.

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