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Plans for the Future

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Hello there, Paragonians. 


It's been some time since something was dropped here for everyone, but here I am again. Excuse me for the lack of communication lately, it's been somewhat rough for me in the latest days. 


I'm here to let you know of decisions coming from a few discussions that's been happening lately. Primarily, the focus on what we're going to be doing in the coming days related to our storyline, what we will be doing, the next expansion and the end of the current one. I've seen people saying that they heard a number of promises but they all ended up being hollow and never became a thing, and I do not blame them at all for any of that. 


I'll be revealing here what are our plans for the incoming days of Paragon, and I know many people will have the sort of mentality I just mentioned. But I'm not blaming them, nor am I going to criticize their way of thinking. I will try to show them that things are actually going to take a different direction.


So .. enough chucklefuckery and let's get to what matters.



The Legion Expansion: Assault on the Broken Shore, Tomb of Sargeras and Argus. 

This has been a topic for long and sometimes heated discussion across the server, both in Forums and Discord as well as in the Mall. I know that the Legion expansion, like .. 70% of it is really cringy because I also have the feeling that it could've been a much more well done job from Blizzard's part. Not even gonna comment about Warlords, but what the last expansion has to do with the current one is that, as a Private Roleplay Server, we had all the ground to make it different, inovating and fun, but lack of interest and frustration really leads us to fail at that, being just .. another Retail course. 


Hence why we're currently trying to set a stage to work better with what content we have coming our way.


We are, at the moment, considering a very dynamic approach. In the Assault on the Broken Shore, the current focus is as follows, but not limited to:

  • Give the Players a shot of leeway. Players really need to feel they have an impact on the ambience, so the Event Manager and some of the Dungeon Masters are already on the case. They intend to provide more options to make it feel less Retail and more custom. A system of enemy vs allies bases will be set, as well as the importance of holding those will be very expressive, counting on Player performance ICly to make it either a heroic success, or a phyrric victory. 
  • Give the Players the opportunity of hold the reins of the process. We surely need more Player leadership on these situations, and the Assault on the Broken Shore is a great oportunity to do so. For players representing their Order Halls (which is pretty much what the Armies of Legionfall is) the focus is to try and make the experience dynamic for them. The options to lead incursions and capture key points across the area will be put forward, as well as they'll have to defend it, make sure it is held in their hands. Plans for events in that regard are being discussed at the moment and it is something we're looking forward to. 


On the topic of the Tomb of Sargeras, the Event Manager is still considering options, and we hope to bring the results to the public as soon as possbile. On the case of Argus, the diversity of how we're going to do it is also on the planning phase. 


But it will all depend heavily on the results we get on the next phase, which is the Broken Shore and Tomb of Sargeras. Call those a testing subject if you will. It's also an opportunity to flesh out what's the best way of handling the incoming content the best way possible to make Players feel at ease and actually have fun with those Events instead of just playing a pre-scripted thing all over again.


Expect more information regarding this in the days to come.


The Planning Board for Battle for Azeroth

Frankly, the Warcraft community all around the world gets more and more frustrated every time something new comes out of Blizzard's womb. Battle for Azeroth, while full of potential, is one of those deformed creations. We have the opportunity to make it different, and we're planning to try it out the best way possible. 


After the end of Legion, the plans are currently to give some sort of Interlude between the two expansions, maybe bring some content from Before the Storm into it through DMed events. The latter depends much on the community's interest and the availability/willingness of the Dungeon Master Team. But we're going to use this interlude for the following:

  • Custom Player-driven quests and maybe even storylines. We need some of the good old custom content to bring back some life to our community. Both the Event Manager and I agree that the need for this freedom is necessary, so we're dedicating this period to the creativity of our Players and Dungeon Masters to provide something else to everyone. 
  • Escalation of tensions between factions. Surely, everyone will agree that the Faction War was really just abrupt and dumb due to the fact that right after the most significant enemy of the universe was defeated, the two factions go like "yeah let's just beat one another again really hard because the blood of our world will help us fuck it all real badly, who gives a shit if Azeroth is dying". And that sucks a lot. What I intend to promote is actually what we used to see in the older expansions: skirmishes, conflicts based around a certain object of interest in different regions. Examples being Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley. They're conflicts located in certain regions for either resources or land, but conflicts that never ended up in a First/Second War type conflict. It's really barebones now, so I'll request your patience while we're still making plans for it.
  • Recycling of whatever good content we can use. Yeah, while most of the expansion is shite, we're still going to be looking for what scraps we can use in our advantage. Zandalar and Kul Tiras are the most significant we have plans for right now. These are places that still have a bit of love from a lot of people, and we intend to make it worth their while. Or at least try to. Again, it's all on a planning phase. 

And once more, this is all heavily under planning. Think of a drafting board with a lot of tools, pencils and paper, but little to no risks yet. What we ask of the community for now is patience while we try to make it worth your while.


The most meaningful and important part of this, is: we are firmly planning to expand the A-Z system drastically and unchaining ourselves from the pre-set, pre scripted Lore storyline as best as we can. On this topic, we're keeping some of the stuff for logic and consistency in order to keep the Roleplay from becoming a huge mess of bullshit and 'lulzy' stuff. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming days. 


... and last but never least, a topic of major discussion across the server.


The Real Meaning of Player Characters: Are we the 'Adventurer' or not!?

This is an old topic, so right now, I will set this on the stone for everyone to see. I'm sure there will be protests, but I have a feeling most people will agree with me. I may be wrong, mind you. And if I am wrong, we will look for ways of making it better. We have General Discussion and Feedback&Suggestions for this. 


The key word in what your character actually means in the grand stage can be resumed to a single meaningful word: MERIT.


I know it's difficult to say "yeah it makes sense here" or to even believe my words right now, because so far in the 4 years I've been around this server, I can hardly say that meritous characters usually get the recognition they deserve. Not even from Lore Characters, DMed by people that actually provided meritous situations for some of those characters. But right now, after I discussed it with the Event Manager, we'll be encouraging this situation to change. 


Our biggest expectation is that the incoming events will be the chance for us to start doing it for real. Having NPC characters actually mention a Player by his name and give him some praise, make him feel welcome in the environment and by those present. We obviously can't force the fellow Players to also do it, but we can do something about the NPCs and the environment for sure. 


Now to explain how this whole Merit thing works. We're going to be basing this on what the Character actually accomplished. His participation in things that really count to the grand scheme of things. Examples of this is the defeat of Gul'dan and the title Vengeance Incarnate. People in the Character's respective homeland will probably hear of his feats and greet him accordingly. Now if your character is just another guy or gal among everyone else, he'll continue to be just another guy or gal up until the point he starts to show up in the spotlights.


That will also depend of region and situation, but I reckon people authomatically understand this. It also depends wheter or not your Character is willing to be in the spotlight. Lots of shady or shy characters out there. 


Resuming, the importance of your character and how well regarded he is in the world depends on his accomplishments while working for the greater good, be it for the greater good of the world (as we do in Legion) or the Character's own homeland or his/her most frequented areas.




All I can say is that we will strive to make it so. This is a lot of things where "planning" has been mentioned because there's a lot of discussion going on right now, but our objectives and pretentions for the future are pretty much all detailed in this Announcement. I know many will not believe, or will have doubts, but the best I can do right now is show you that we're not sitting on our arses while the server crawl on the mud. 


Should I fail to deliver, I will step down. I'm not here to fill you with expectations and then disappoint you.


Kind Regards,

Paragon Administration, Moderation Team and Dungeon Master Team.  

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