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The Hills in Upheaval.

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Grizzly Hills in Upheaval



In Character

Hark heroes! Calls go out across the Alliance, Horde and everywhere in between as trouble rises in the temperate regions of Northrend. Trademaster Williams from the Venture Trading Company has sent out word from their mills in the hills that they need aid in tracking down some strange magical occurrences of a possible Fel Nature! The Venture Company has been supplying Lumber to both the Alliance and the Horde to fuel the war against the Legion under the agreement that they be mindful of the land they’re upon, and so far under the Honourable Trademaster Williams they’ve done so rather well. This hasn’t stopped suspicions rising against Williams as heroes from far corners of the world journey to see if they can help quell this Fel menace, or simply opt to keep an eye on the company…

The party is to meet the Trademaster in Venture Bay to discuss the details of this operation and then work alongside the company to send the demons back!





Date: Saturday 29th February
Time: 2:00PM Server time (Subject to change)


Hey there folks! I’ll be running a long form chain of events within Grizzly Hills starting this Saturday, the 29th of February, this chain was predominantly inspired by the poll I ran a few weeks ago, so NO, fortunately this won’t be another Legion centric event-chain set in a Legion centric expansion. This is set up to give the players a break from that particular enemy, the rumours of Demons and Lumber for the war effort are simply used as an excuse to bring folks in ICly and as requested, this chain will contain everything from mysteries, combat and delving into unexplored dungeons.




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Update: Event One

The party sought out their questgiver at Venture Bay and set out to investigate the scene, unfortunately, they came across a little bit of a roadblock and sent their crime scene into utter chaos, thankfully with a bit of luck and whit, they managed to quell the shenanigans enough to find what they were originally looking for, and found something very disturbing. Was the very man who brought them here the one responsible for the attack?

Participants: Urdren, Izusa, Anken, Jonathaan, Sid, Varro, Vynethiel, Shaelis, Yorick.


Update: Event Two

While the Cenarion Embassador was underway with preparations, Granite Springs was attacked by a group of hidden Goblin Assassins and Sappers, by the time that the group had finished them off they stopped to notice that the Embassador himself had been killed, and a note was found on the body of one of the Assassins. Crudely written and signed by one Trademaster W., it called for the death of the Embassador. Now not only have the Venture Co. been inplicated to have ruined a Druidic shrine under the obligation that they were specifically not meant to, but they have also been implicated to have killed a high up member of the Cenarion Circle.

Participants: Jonathaan, Sid, Varro, Vynethiel, Shaelis, Yorick, Ed, Alvia, Nikita, Adrian. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you)

Update: Event Three

The party decided that the best way to proceed forwards would be with diplomacy in mind. They enetered Venture Bay, only for the guardsmen to call them along to the Trademasters office. There the situation unfolded further and it was revealed that the Trademaster wasn't the one behind this... It was his Taskmaster, Grizzix, and on the Orders of Mogul Razdunk, he was to remove the Trademaster from his position and take his spot so that the Venture Co. could maximise their profits and their operations across the Hills...

On the bright side, the party now knew for sure who was to blame for all of this carnage! ... but in contrast, the party where also being driven out of Venture Bay! They managed to escape with the Trademaster and his Daughter in tow and took them to Granite Springs but who knew what other devestation the Venture Co. would leave in their wake!

Participants: Urdren, Izusa, Jonathaan, Sid, Varro, Shaelis, Yorick, Alvia, Nikita. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you)


Update: Event Four

In the wake of the disaster at Venture Bay, Ioric, the homesteader in charge of Granite Springs remarked on how his latest shipment of supplies and rations hadn't arrived yet. This wasn't a good sign as his contacts where always on the ball when it came to timing... So he humbly requested that the heroes seek it out along the road to the north... and they found it, for sure. What they found was half a dozen Troll Zombies feasting on the remnants of two dead humans and some wildlife along with their supplies! They saw two Trolls in the back, running off with crates of food, while one Troll was in the back raising more of their dead. In the end, the party was successful and managed to retrieve all the goods, but the Necromancer had escaped!


Back in Granite Springs, the players were then met with an odd request from one of the Drakkari...


Participants: Urdren, Izusa, Sid, Yorick, Alvia, Azumak. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you)

Update: Event Five

And just like that, the party were thrown into the midst of a civil war between the remnants of a Drakkari Tribe. One half wanted to live peacefully in the Hills, live as best as they could even with the loa's abandonment, while the Necromancer previously met had been part of the opposite end of the tribe, the ones who sought control over death as a means to defend themselves as the Loa scorned them! As as result of the Venture Companies carnage and their thirst for resources, the Necromancer was driven out of his ruins by a mining operation... but he had what he needed.

As the party approached the village, they felt a chill in the air, one than ran deeper than the simple colds of the north! A merciless horde of zombies charged towards them, chomping and slashing at their heels as they fought back valiantly! Killing Dire Troll and Commander alike... before their foes rose again as something horrific popped in the air, sending waves of dark energy across the hills.

The Head of these Necromancers rose up from his ritual grounds... and revealed himself to be something very familar to the party. A Lich! The Undead savant sought to deal with the parties own Undead first, and a battle of the Liches commenced! In the end, the Troll was defeated and the village was brought back, but Alvia knew one thing the rest of the party didn't realise... His urn was nowhere to be seen.


Participants: Urdren, Izusa, Sid, Yorick, Alvia, Azumak, Jonathaan, Shaelis. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you)



Update: Event Six

A few days later, a Furbolg ran through Granite Springs, babbling to himself... Unfortunately, no one understood his words apart from a little sprout named Old Bark who acted as a mediator as the party rushed towards the scene! They were ambushed along the way by a set of seemingly feral Worgen who were attacking the new sapling of the world tree growing within Grizzlemaw! Even with the Might of Grizzlemaw on their side, the party had to fight tooth and nail to actually queel the uprising... Thankfully, everyone was safe by the end but the Elder spoke of how they'd noticed Goblins in metallic contraptions throughout the hills... The situation seemed to be getting worse. Thank the gods Old Bark was there!

Thanks to my good pal @nuggiemancer for running this one!

Participants: Na'thandral, Izusa, Rhana, Jilliana, Azumak, Jonathaan, Pirris, Annastasia. (Please poke me if I've forgotten you)



Update: Event Seven

The next event is scheduled to take place in this chain is on Wednesday the 1st at 2PM Servertime (or 8PM in England if that helps anyone)

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