List of Changes - March 2020

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Hello there.


This one will be short, just making sure a few modifications is known to the public as being official, as well as some activities we're envisioning for the coming days. We're going through a delicate situation in the server at the moment, and we're working to change it. 


New System for Moderator Elections

As shown by the community vote, even if just a few voted, a new system to elect Moderators has been picked. From now on, the entire Community has a vote, with specific groups. The Administration, the Moderation Team and the rest of the Community each represent a group, each of them with 1 vote. 


A candidate will require a majority of votes (2/3) to be given a Trial as Moderator. We also remind that an impasse is authomatically a negative vote, both in the Moderation Team's case as well as the Community.


The Voting Process in which the Community vote on the candidates will continue to exist normally. The Moderators and I will discuss the candidate during the Voting Process and our votes will be revealed during that period. At the end of the process, all votes will be accounted for and the candidate sorted out.


We hope that with the new system, fairness may be achieved. Complaints and suggestions may surely be directed to the Feedback&Suggestions sub-forum. We'd like to thank the Community for the contributions and for your time.


The End of the Trial Application System

Following a suggestion picked from the sub-forum, we have decided to abolish the Trial Application System implemented long ago by the former Administration and Moderation Team. After analyzing the situation and the current state of affairs in the server, we have concluded that the system offers no buffs to improve out situation and that perhaps it may be the best course of action to abolish it.


Applications that once required a period of test to be approved are now once more classified as Restricted, requiring 2 Moderators to review it.


Event Schedule and Dungeon Master Compromise

After discussing things with the DM Team and their Manager, a compromise is being forged in order to provide the community with content in hopes of gaining some numbers back in terms of population. Our blue named friends are working on hot plans to give you some of that sweet content, but for that to work out they'll need  your love throughout the process, so sit tight and you might see their event announcements sooner or later.


NPC Commands for Players

Remember that one time you wished you had a DM or someone with NPC controlling powers to spark some sweet and simple RP on your own? Those times are mostly over, for our Developers will provide the Community with NPC controlling powers so you don't always have to wait on a DM to have a bandit chase or quicking some gnoll butt in Elwynn.


It is recommended that you check with either a Moderator or the Event Manager in case you host something that gives high stakes rewards. These commands are being made available so you can have some more freedom to spark RPs with your fellows.


The following NPC control powers will be made available for the Community:


.gotothere: use the spell "Artillery Strike" available in your spellbook by default, click where you want the NPC to go, and use this command. He'll run to that point.

.gotothere walk: same as above, only difference is that the NPC will walk to the position chosen. 

.cometome: self explanatony, the NPC will move to your position. Running.

.cometome walk: same as above, only difference is that the NPC will walk to your position.
.npc playemote: self explanatory, this is for NPCs to play written animation, just like you do using /e

.turntome: the NPC turns to your direction

.turnlikeme: the NPC turns to the same direction you're turned with your character.

.npc anim: the NPC will play the anim you put him to play. Example: .npc anim 333 and he'll be on battle stance for 1h weapons.

.npc playanim: basically the same as above.

.dead: puts the NPC lying dead in the ground, for visual sake. 

.npc stand: puts the NPC to make some specific moves when you use IDs from 1 to 8, such as sit, lie down, kneel, etc.

.npc hover: self-explanatory, puts the NPC hovering in the air.

.npc fly: self-explanatory.


It is valid to remember that if you are caught using these commands to cause trouble, harass a Dungeon Master or a Builder while in the accomplishment of his function, or to cause prejudice upon your fellow community members on the Roleplay environment, the punishment will be harsh, and the rules that apply to Dungeon Masters regarding their responsibilities will have effect on the specific situation as well.


Repeated infractions regarding the use of these powers will incur in them being abolished, so use them with responsibility. All in all, have fun!



Those are the news for you. As we proceed in this process, we'll keep you on the loop of things.


Kind Regards,

Paragon Administration. 

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NPC commands for players is an amazing change and one I've always wanted. Too bad it took so long, but hopefully this should help people spark up more of their own adventures.


I hope no one will abuse this new level of trust we've been given.

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8 hours ago, Syth said:

NPC commands for players is an amazing change and one I've always wanted. Too bad it took so long, but hopefully this should help people spark up more of their own adventures.


I hope no one will abuse this new level of trust we've been given.


I've brought it up as a suggestion before but I agree it took a while to kick into actual implementation. Let's see if it can be used for the reasons it's actually been put into place.

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Thanks so much for the NPC commands! It is a great addition!

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