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War Report: The Burning Steppes

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At the start of the new year, yet another dark shadow stretched over the hellish landscape of the Burning Steppes. The Legion had made its third attempt to invade the barren landscape, this time taking up residence in the abandoned, but powerful Altar of Storms.  Warnings and requests for aid were sent out to neighboring parties, but they received no response while the demonic forces steadily grew in size. Left with no other options, the local militia scrambled to prepare a defense and gather mercenaries to repel the invaders, but by the power of the Altar, the demons grew too powerful too quick, and the conflict reached an uneven stalemate, with the balance tipping toward the Legion..


Over the course of the first month, the demons worked to suppress their primary threat, the dwarven city of Shadowforge. Tales were told of demons fearlessly charging down tunnels, armed with fel explosives and wild abandon, collapsing each exit one after another. The Dark Iron mole machines became a frequent target of such abuse, and many suffered damage beyond repair, leaving the city in a perilous state, trapped underneath their own mountain. Both above and below the surface, the situation in the Steppes was looking very grim.


With the coming of the third month, a lone mole machine risked a lengthy journey to the opposite side of the Steppes, where Dark Irons made contact with the leader of the resistance forces on the surface. The self-appointed commander, a masked night elf named Terin, knew of their plight and quickly offered a plan to turn the tables. Drawing upon maps of old caves, mines, tunnels, and the remains of Old Thaurissan, the two parties outlined a route to form a new path from Shadowforge to the surface that would be safe from the interference of the demons. Shadowforge began tunneling and demolition, and Terin made use of his constructs and drilling and blasting techniques to follow suit.


For the greater part of the work, the plan remained under wraps, until a detachment of invading demons spilled into the most exposed of the caverns along this adjoining series of tunnels. The demons swiftly set to using this direct undefended path against Shadowforge, pushing masses of forces through the gap, killing many Dark Irons, both combatants and non-combatants. Terin moved his militia to assist, but the demons kept them at bay.


A force of elite mercenaries was sent by Terin to disrupt the flow of demons and prevent disaster from striking. Their names were Arald Rendblade, Pirris Starshifter, Galvia Silverdust, Eleanore de Montarville, Krov'henan Soulsworn, Tyriseius Sunpride and Senn Clarke. Although seven were sent, only three returned immediately, while the rest were returned or were discovered shortly afterward, separate of the last three. Through the concerted efforts of the mercenaries, but especially the efforts of Arald Rendblade, Pirris Starshifter and Galvia Silverdust, the primary teleporter of the invading forces was located and destroyed, alongside a subterranean Infernal which had been terrorizing the dark irons wrestling with the Legion's advances on Shadowforge.


Thanks to the efforts of this small party, a wrench was thrown into the gears of the Legion's war machine, allowing the forces of Shadowforge and the mercenary militia to prevail. With a new tunnel joining Shadowforge to the surface having been established and secured, city and the militia are cooperating to establish a quick and dirty rail line to rapidly move soldiers and supplies outside of the city. The tides of war were turning.


But not all shifts in the war were in Azeroth's favor. Demons have been sighted appearing from caves and mountains around the Steppes, with no prior warning. As the survivors celebrate their long awaited victory, as the Dark Irons mourn their dead, and as the families of mercenary are informed of their losses, there is a calm in the storm and a brief respite before the battlefield shifts again.

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A Fel Reaver of significant size was reportedly identified tucked away in the mountainous region beside Blackrock Mountain presently occupied by the Burning Legion. Reports from a scout have confirmed that the machine is now active and functional, but has not yet been deployed to the front lines.

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