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The Goldengear Caravan!

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"Fairness, Trade, and Profit for All."


The Goldengear Caravan


From the mind of innovative Goblin businessman Rozmyn "Pops" Goldengear comes a new trade network that will take Azeroth by storm: The Goldengear Caravan.


Pops' long-time networking efforts and connections to Azeroth's major industries has secured him several avenues of sourcing raw materials for craftspeople and traders at a discounted rate, meaning Pops is earning a profit while his clients' payments remain the same.


But that's not all! Because Goldengear is making a profit off this, he is able to own and operate the Goldengear Caravan Company, a collection of traders, merchants, and craftspeople sponsored by the Goldengear family to travel the world utilizing Carriages, Horses, and Lodging paid for by Mister Goldengear.


What are the benefits of becoming a Goldengear Caravan Trader or Affiliate?

Simple! No more headaches or effort trying to source just the right materials for your next project. Are you an enchanter that needs an Elemental Core, but is much too busy to go out to get it yourself? Maybe you're a Blacksmith commissioned to make a Mithril sword, but you don't know any Mithril mines to buy the ore from. Well, fret no more, simply give Pops a list of what you need sourced, and for the same price as buying it off the market yourself, Pops will take care of the administration of sourcing your materials for you.

(Disclaimer: Particularly rare or hard-to-come-by materials will require an additional 10% price fee to be sourced by Pops Goldengear)


Not only that, if you're the type of person who likes to travel the world selling your goods, then say goodbye to paying for travel from place to place! The Goldengear Caravan has sponsored carriages paid for by the company that you can live in on the road and sell from at major cities. Affiliates of the Company, however, are exempt from this benefit. Only full employees are allowed to partake in the Goldengear Caravan's carriages.


The most notable advantage of being a full employee of the Goldengear Caravan is your affiliation with a Neutral-Standing Trade Network, meaning you cannot legally be punished for entering territory that may have otherwise seen you as hostiles. This dramatically opens up more and more locations for you to sell your goods with the Company's help.


So what's the difference between a full employee and an affiliate?


Well, full employees gain the full range of benefits and protections, and stay with the Caravan for at least 8 months out of the year or 3 weeks out of the month. The rest of the time can be spent at home as an affiliate, or wherever else you like. An affiliate can still source their materials through the Company and still owes a contractor's fee for particularly expensive materials, but they are not officially sponsored by a Neutral-Standing Trade Network, and they cannot benefit from any Company goods or protective policy.


Getting these benefits does come at a cost, however. If you're a full employee utilizing the Company's carriages, you owe to the company a 10% royalty of any profits made from goods sold with materials sourced through the Company, or from a Company carriage.


This sounds great! How do I join?

Simply approach Rozmyn "Pops" Goldengear and say you're interested in joining the newest future Trade Empire, either as a full employee or as an affiliate. The Caravan also engages in independent contracting to source materials to larger organizations, and since the company is a Neutral-Standing Trade Network, they are able to sell to either faction, including government and military organizations.


If you're interested in joining the Caravan or just sourcing your materials through Goldengear and his company, feel free to contact our administrative assistant. He calls himself "King of the Mushan". He's kind of a weird guy, but you can find him just about anywhere as "Mushan". Or find Pops Goldengear directly.


"Onward! To Profit for All!"


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Tayu may have some things she wants to buy. And maybe some things to sell through it. Unfortunately, I'm away from my computer until the 26th soooo.... lol

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Also worth noting: we're accepting investors! If you want a stake of the company, we're selling shares at the low-low price of 2 Gold for a 1% share

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