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The end, and a new beginning

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A great conflict was reported in Darrowshire of Eastern Plaguelands recently. Upon inspection, the barren town was damaged even further than it had been before. The ground for dozens of feet around the Well in the center was rendered black and charred, the well itself had collapsed and a giant disk of the Blue Flight had smashed into the ground, upheaving time weathered cobblestone and burying itself several feet into the ground from the force of impact and weight. The echoes of vastly powerful magic permeated the air, but no signs of a corpse were left behind in its wake.


In a pocket dimension somewhere else, the Galewing Library shuddered and shook for several minutes. Books fell from shelves, apprentices, bibliophiles, and guests of all sorts fled from the Public Library through their respective portals as it seemed the library was going to break and collapse. Then it stabilized. The Library creaked and groaned as it rebuilt itself, lights stabilizing, bookshelves straightening, and responsible Mage Hands floating around to return books from whence they came. Eventually a new addition to the library would be added, an Urn full of ashes placed by a miserable looking Nightborne.


Shalera vs Eleanore in Darrowshire resulting in Shalera's death. The Key to the Galewing Library was passed to Eleanore who had most honorably executed the Highborne after giving her their final words, then reduced her body to ashes and placed them in an urn.

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