An Unwanted Distraction - Ebon Blade Event

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An Unwanted Distraction

June 7th - 20:00 ST


Amal'thazad has sent the call for help. A recent development has taken place on an island near Northrend, as

the Legion has taken control of some feral scourge, and began eradicating a nearby Vrykul tribe and a few blue drakes.

Amal'thazad was dispatched along with a small division of Death Knights from Acherus to deal with the issue,

however he is in need of some more elite Death Knights to deal with the situation.


In this time of war, and with the incident on the Broken Shore, Acherus cannot afford to send any more Death Knights

to deal with this issue, and so Amal'thazad has sent out the call for any Death Knights who can spare the time to aid

him with this blight. There will only be 6 slots available, and is limited to Death Knights and members of the Ebon Blade.


[3/6 Players]

Barli Copperheart

Tyrwin Drakarn





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Date and time have been added! June 7th at 8PM ST will be when the event takes place. If you'd like to book a position, please try to guarantee that you can be there.

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