King of the Mushan

The Court of the Red Duke

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"My blood for the Duke,

So he may bleed others for me.

My loyalty to the Duke,

So he may reward me with power.

My life for the Duke,

so we may all be united.

My faith in the Duke,

To free us from this curse of life."


The Court of the Red Duke


A new power grows in the frozen lands of Northrend. While Bolvar the Lich King struggles to hold the endless Scourge in check, some of the most intelligent and willful of the former Lich King's lieutenants have managed to break free and operate on their own. An enigmatic San'layn known by most by the moniker "The Red Duke" is one such scourge. Now free of the Lich King's command, he has begun to gather a new court, filled with San'layn, Vampyrs, and any who seek the powers of death and necromancy to further their gains.




The Red Duke: 

Lord of the Court, Master of all ranks below, and Benefactor to the plans and schemes of the Court. There is only one Red Duke, and none may challenge his title.


The Inner Circle:

The Red Duke’s strongest and most loyal lieutenants. Overseers of his plans and machinations, as well as advisors to the future of the Court, the Inner Circle is reserved for powerful undead, such as other San’layn or rogue Death Knights. Others however can earn their way into the Inner Circle. Members of the Inner Circle are frequently awarded the title of Count or Countess



Powerful enforcers and guardians, usually right hands to members of the Inner Circle. Known for their combat prowess and raw power, Champions command fear and respect from other members of the court.



Members of the Duke’s Court, the main body of his forces. Courtiers have proven their loyalty, and mortals who earn this rank are often offered the gift of Vampirism from the Duke himself.



Unaffiliated allies of the Court of the Red Duke. Afforded respect for their assistance given to the court, but locked out of the inner workings of the Court.



The dregs and lowest grunts of the Court of the Red Duke. Placed here either due to their weakness, questionable loyalty, or being otherwise unable to prove themselves to the Duke and the Court.


How do I join?


The Court of the Red Duke is open to any willing to trade their loyalty for power, or willing to dedicate themselves to a greater purpose: Uniting the world in the embrace of Undeath, and ending the Curse of Life. 


You can whisper "Larathon" if you see him in-game, or you can message Mushan on discord if you're interested in swearing fealty to the Red Banner.


OOC Information!


Just to clarify, this is a guild designed for evil members and events, based in Northrend for now. Character-wise, we're particularly focused on necromancy, San’layn and Vampyrs, though other character ideas are happily accepted. From rogue Death Knights to Necromancers and beyond. If you have an idea that might fit we can work out how that will work out.


Our plans will soon come to fruition, for as soon as we have enough people to schedule an event, our reign of terror and doom will spread across the Howling Fjord, across Northrend, across AZEROTH!! HAHAHAHAHA....




...Anyway. Let me know if you're interested!

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Mmm yes. As long as you have resources to let Minthe work with, she will build you all manner of technomagical horrors! Muahah! Lol

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