King of the Mushan

The Rebuilding of Thunder Bluff

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By order of the High Chieftain of the Tauren, Baine Bloodhoof,

Efforts will begin on this day to strive towards the rebuilding of the city of Thunder Bluff,

and recovery from the attack of the Overlord Baelorax.

File:Tauren Crest.png


Following the Battle of Thunder Bluff, in which brave heroes defended the city as best they were able against the Demonic Overlord Baelorax the Ruiner and his flagship, the Black Tower, the city of Thunder Bluff was left in ruins. While some structures survived, the scar of the Black Tower cut so deep that, unless they act soon, the Tauren may be driven from their home completely.


To this end, Baine Bloodhoof has announced the beginning of efforts to reclaim corrupted parts of the city, and rebuild what was broken, most notably the Wind Rider Totem in the center of the city. Donations are accepted from the Horde and anonymous sources, and those affiliated with neutral organizations and the Legionfall may provide labor.


The following commodities are being requested by anyone willing to give them:

* Gold, any amount will do.

* Raw materials, specifically timber and leather, for the remaking of homes.

* Metals, ingots, and tools, to assist in the rebuilding process.

* Willful labor in the construction of new houses.

* Willful labor in the purification of corrupted soil, specifically by Druids, Priests, or Shaman.

* Willful labor in the healing of wounded defenders, specifically by Druids, Priests, or Shaman.

* Medical supplies, any amount will do.

* Rations and food. If you're sending food through the post or via magic, make sure it is non-perishable.


Baine has agreed to grant honorary titles to those who contribute great amounts of Gold or other assistance, and has sworn that when the Wind Rider Totem is rebuilt, it will be carved with the names of everyone who donated money, supplies, or their physical skills towards the rebuilding of Thunder Bluff.


Current Honorary Chieftains (Tier 1 Donators):



Current Honorary Heroes of Thunder Bluff (Tier 2 Donators):

Alvia Dawngaze (50g Donation)

Aelid (30g Donation)

All current contributors:

The Grimtotem Tribe (73g Donation)

Azgrim Stormblessed (15g Donation)

Karn Ironback (10g Donation)

Urdren Moonblossom (Contributions of Food, Healing, and Purification)

And All Anonymous Donators



OOC Notes:

Hey, Mushan here. This is a chance to showcase lasting consequences from an event, and to offer a chance for characters to earn renown and do some RP by contributing to the construction. If you'd like to do something concerning this, comment on this thread, or message me in-game or on Discord. I'd ask you please don't pester other DMs to handle your concerns with this, they've got their own projects.

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Hi. Urdren will donate 30 gold under the name "Aelid." He'll also help with food, healing soil, and healing dudes.

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Within the week, Lancel and his monkey pal Feng-feng send a bunch of their own home crafted brews in large barrels, it's all they can afford.

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So... Baine put out a GoFundMe. Got it. lol


If she is allowed, Adrasteia will stay as long as needed to help cleanse the fel from the city. While my plagueshifter rpg class was wiped, she does have a decent cleansing/purging capability outside of a restro druid. (Not gonna negate her IC training with a PC to become a plagueshifter lol)

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