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State of your Roleplay, July 2020

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Basically, just post what roleplay your characters are currently engaged in, if any. The idea is to help others find common ground and discover RP opportunities with one another.


For now, list the top 3 RP's you have going on with one character if you have multiple things going on. I'll do mine first, of course. If you have an endless list of alts like Scottie does, just list your currently most active ones.


As a reminder, the goal of this is to encourage people to seek out eachother's characters and find RP in one another's activities.


Those of you who saw the last thread, you know the drill. Those who are new to this, you can go off my example. 



Terin, night elf mage:


1. Fortifying the anti-Legion defenses in the Burning Steppes and trying to replenish his war funds.

2. Trying to introduce a governing body to Chiselgrip.

3. Offering indirect support to those either repelling the Burning Legion, or being preyed upon by it.


Kain Teller, human gunman and arms dealer:


1. Researching powders and propellants once again.

2. Actively selling weapons and looking to be contracted for jobs, both large and small.

3. Looking to expand Merchants of Menace's commodities and sphere of influence.


Armac Splinterknee, old orcish hunter, uncorrupted Thunderlord:


1. Exploring Uldum while hunting and trading with Korra's caravan.

2. Learning more about Uldum's travelers and Tol'vir culture.

3. Reconnecting with nature from a new point of view.


Grunty, "learning" construct that is technically an intelligent construct.


1. Running Ainsley's shop during the day.

2. Running Veliline's tavern during the night.

3. Getting into trouble and getting lost easily because he's a bit dumb.


Shiggy Mengebog, Dark Iron "elemental demolitionist" that specializes in shoving tiny elementals down a handcannon.


1. Stuck in Northrend following the Legend crew.

2. Working on finding a way to renew his tiny elementals in cold places.

3. Looking for side-jobs to make a quick buck.



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Arcturus Tidecrest, half-elf Knight and Lord.

  • Attending to affairs in Dragonblight with the Legend crew
  • Assissting, when he can, with the battles in the Tomb of Sargeras / Furthering his alliance with Jean-Phillipe de Montarville.
  • Getting close to Nasira Desertrose, a half-breed priestess of the sun

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Karn Ironback, Blackrock Berserker

- Aiding the Legend group in Northrend with his orcish expertise
- Also aiding the onslaught upon the Tomb
- Learning a way to focus his rage into more concentrated strength (No, he will not become a Blademaster)

Kralgath Wolfhowl, Frostwolf Shaman


- Furthering his bond with the element of fire

- Still seeking means to create a hammer made of elementium

- Taking a short break in Outland, his home

Gramush Steelbane, Warsong Blademaster

- Currently being a nomad

- Travelling across Azeroth to find himself again

- Honing his skills on a daily basis

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Creative Team

Lady Neela de Montarville Keiramont, Human Medic


- Steadily retiring from the battlefield

- Developing alchemical aids for sufferers of anxiety and PTSD

- Planning to open a clinic in Stormwind


Bafaeti Silverwine, Blood Elf Chef


- Currently roaming

- Looking for work as a bartender, chef, cook or general labourer

- Testing new recipes and cocktails


Vexa Quickcog, Goblin Explorer of the Explorer's League


- Trying to convince Ironforge to aid in the conflict at the Burning Steppes

- Looking to gather a crew for a stealth mission

- Preparing to sneak through enemy lines to recover information from a closed-off Shadowforge


Lady Emilis Almeras, Human Treasurer


- Seeking buyers for various gems and mana crystals

- Seeking trade contacts

- Being excessively wholesome with her wife and stepdaughter


Amynta Ironroot, Night Elf Druid of the Cenarion Circle


- Currently roaming

- Performing medical treatments as she goes

- Restoring corrupted lands to a more lively state on her travels


Honglian Emberknuckle, Pandaren Monk of the Order of the Broken Temple


- Seeking new opponents to test her skills on

- Seeking new food and drink to enjoy!

- Advancing her skills as a martial artist


Mina Tipatel, Human...train wreck


- Currently in a state of breakdown due to existential crisis

- Presently extremely hostile to Light-users

- Has left the Ebon Blade


Pirris Penn, Highborne Techno-Mage of the Steamwheedle Cartel


- Occasionally tailing her old student, Xanthe

- Residing at Stormwind with her family

- Probably still planning an evil scheme


Grug, Orc Mage of the Kirin Tor


- Continuing his studies into transmutation

- Showing vested interest in people with good food

- Planning to create a fast food chain called McDabu


Lady Cody Goldburn, Human Scholar


- Currently in refuge in Stormwind with her husband and son after Lakeshire came under attack by the Legion

- Seeking to find ways to alleviate the strain on refugees of war

- Planning to build a school in Redridge after the war against the Legion


Xoth'orash, Wrathguard of the Burning Legion






Sooty Blackbarrel, aka Captain Cannoneer, Dwarf Pirate


- Abandoned the 7th Legion

- Performing various crimes on his way to and through Stranglethorn

- Seeking a crew to form the Cannoneer Crew


Corporal Clerk, Human Soldier of the Alliance


- Has currently moved from Grizzly Hills back to Westfall after 12 long years

- Seems to be heading off in secret at night sometimes...

- Has become wrapped up in something much bigger than him


Pembroke Fluffcog, Gnomish Pet Battler


- Training the skills of her battle corgi, Sherry

- Seeking pet battle masters to take on

- Seeking to become the GREATEST PET BATTLER OF ALL!


Leatherhorn, Highmountain Brave


- Roaming Highmountain, keeping vigil for its safety

- Hears word of Legion activity in the area...

- Honing his skills as a warrior

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Creative Team

Xanthe Grendiel, Street Performer and illusionist from Tanaris :

1.Currently staying in Thundertotem, performing at the local inn

2.Occasionally making trips to the Greygarde camp close by


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Tayu Lamiaceae, High Mage of Stormwind City

1) Working with the Tirisgarde to fight the Legion on the Broken Shore

2) Working with the Mage's Guild in Stormwind itself

3) Travelling, researching all manner of crap especially anything frost/ice related or slime related.


Adrasteia Greythorn, Aquatic Druid of the Cenarion Circle

1) Helping with the repairs and healing on Thunder Bluff currently.

2) Otherwise, can be found by pretty much any coastal area doing druid stuff in the water.

3) Can also be found in any aquatic environment

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Maeva Almeras, Court Mage of Steelhaven

1.) Quit the mage's guild.

2.) Spending more time with her family.

3.) Mapping out Ley Lines.


Vicktoria Appleton, Blood Witch of the Black Harvest

1.) Experimenting further with blood magic, and traditional warlock disciplines.

2.) Serving Legionfall as a combat medic and surgeon.

3.) Occasionally gathering herbs and other materials needed for the medical stations.


Maltorius Almeras, Wanted Dead or Alive!

1.) Working a case for Teller involving some gnolls in Redridge.

2.) Recently escaped from the Stockades after being treated terribly.

3.) Was bitten by a worgen in the Stockades.


Selevis Lockewood, Undead Baroness & Deathstalker

1.) Planning to strike against a corrupt government for the good of the Horde & Alliance.

2.) Uncovering more of the mysteries of unlife.

3.) Seeking answers to the light's betrayal of her people.


Erasne Manabloom, Arcanist of Suramar & Botanist

1.) Working for Terin in Chiselgrip to help grow crops.

2.) Exploring Azeroth's various plantlife.

3.) Drinking tea!


Brothir, Thorignir Drake

1.) Seeking glory in battle against the Legion.

2.) Flying the skies, seeking to learn of new cultures and peoples.

3.) Worried about stepping on gnomes.

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