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Sins and Secrets

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An ambitious "project"
by Soggy/Sage


The world has been at war with the Legion for months and the end is in sight as the Order Halls push for The Tomb of Sargeras. However, they have also been busy elsewhere alongside champions of Azeroth. Issues far and wide have cropped up - from familiar old demonic faces to venturing to ancient Titan facilities. The world has been caught up in a storm of events that move from one place to the next. It is only recently that threats re-emerged - a Lich causing havoc while the majority of Azeroth focused on the demonic invasion. It was during this last saga that adventurers encountered a mysterious individual - Sovan. It was Sovan who initially pointed out locations they would need to go to retrieve the fractions of themselves stolen by the Lich.

In the wake of the Lich's fall Sovan has been absent - nowhere to be seen or heard. It is as the adventure in the Tomb of Sargeras comes to its culmination that things begin to stir. Old foes have been stirred by Sovan, and new faces are coming to the forefront. Sovan has chosen a good time for this as well - for the artifact wielders and other thorns in his side are all too busy to answer.

In Sins and Secrets, people from all over are called to help out with issues rising on Pandaria. However, unlike prior chains, this one takes a different approach to how it is handled. Sovan, the antagonist, is stirring things small and big.  What this means is that Sins and Secrets will have two very different set of storylines going on - one for those who prefer lower level adventures that are grounded in the land of Pandaria. The other will be for those who think their character would pursue the bigger threats - such as Sovan himself. Each storyline will end on their own, but play to the overall picture. 

The other aspect of Sins and Secrets is The Hub - a place serving as a general area for roleplay and the quest area for the two branching storylines. It is simply called The Hub for now, but it will be a for-roleplay created spot on Pandaria that all actions will set out from. Not only that, but occasionally events may spontaneously happen here. Enough people around? I may drop by and have a sudden attack! Maybe a civilian comes screaming about a saurok attack stirred up by one of Sovan's lieutenants.

The idea behind all of this can be taken up by other DMs as well - the idea is to try and breathe life into Pandaria to see if a new idea might work for roleplay. It all falls under the branch of this event chain, but it also can act on its own to spearhead new things. This chain's main reward is the roleplay, or that is my goal. There may be gold or other things to come, but those aren't as important as building character relationships and using this as a springboard for new ideas. This is also me being ambitious and hopeful for what maybe can be done in the future off of this.

There's some more ideas I intend to try get rolling off of this, but they will be kept closer to the vest. If anyone has any ideas, wants to help me get this rolling, or has questions? Please feel free to contact me over Discord or via the forums/this thread. I had a very sudden burst of inspiration, and I've also got an itch to continue with the idea of this antagonist who is spread out through several events/multiple chains.

Events to come when they are planned out / given dates.

Trials of the Makers [HIGH LEVEL THREAT]
The Trials of the Makers follows the adventurous heroes as they begin to follow Sovan's trail from the Valley of the Four Winds outward. They will have to delve the depths of Kun-Lai, The Vale, and even return to the very same land that once held the mogu threat - the Isle of Thunder. It is here that they shall discover that not everything was found on the Isle - and it will send them to an even more treacherous island to confront Sovan's plans.

The thread will expand with time and after gauging the success of the attempts.

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1. The Heart of the Valley will be removed from this chain for the time being. I'm trying to cut out the chance of burning out.
2. This will begin within this month - no set date on when but this will start this month.

3. The idea of the hub may get tweaked before we begin - as will everything else. I've had a lot of time to think about what I want to do with this chain.

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A new update - the kick off to this chain will happen this Sunday OR Monday around 5PM ST - a more American start.
However, this is not the first event but more a "information" thing. Lorewalker Cho & Brann Bronzebeard have discovered some disturbing information about Sovan and some vague mysteries that have both men shook. Or something like that.

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I am going to be currently putting this on hold until a later date.
I'm not able to deliver what I want for this chain, and I have a multitude of things on my plate for the server that I want to get out of the way before I can deliver this.
I'll re-visit the chain when I can put more brainpower to it.

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