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War Report: A New Moon?

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The morning War Report of the day reads as follows:


Demon Lord finally Defeated and The Betrayer's Gamble!




Yesterday, Stormwind City came to a state of almost open chaos in the streets, in the harbor and in the outskirts of the city. After a thunderous sound, the twisted image of a shattered globe involved in what seemed to be fel magics was mistaken by the Legion's final move against Azeroth by many -- a meteor that would crash against the world's surface and end all life in a question of minutes. But, thankfully, it did not came to be so.


Some judge it as a much worst situation than a meteor would have been.


It has been later revealed that the truth was that the demon lord Kil'jaeden the Deceiver has been finally defeated for good in the Twisting Nether! The initially supposed meteor was in truth revealed to be the shattered world of the draenei, Argus, long ago corrupted by the Burning Legion's malevolent crusade. The reason behind the twisted image of the homeworld of the honorable draenei being seen in our skies lies in the one known as 'the Betrayer', the Lord of the Demon Hunters, Illidan Stormrage. Using a keystone meant to open portals to many worlds, the infamous brother of Archdruid Stormrage has ensured that the center of the Burning Legion's crusade is now close at hand. 


Many question the possibility of an all out invasion in the Legion's homeworld and how many lives will be lost in the mere attempt -- as well as the Betrayer's name can be seen associated with many heavy slurs in the streets for his reckless move. The demon hunters currently stationed in Stormwind City refute any and all critics towards their master and mentor, stating that they have full confidence in the intentions and plans of their infamous leader. 


His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn, has assured the people that faith in the Light and determination in brotherhood are paramount and will be pivotal in the defeat and destruction of the Burning Legion. The aristocracy condemns the reckless actions of the Betrayer but claim to be in full support of His Majesty in his convictions. The other sectors of Stormwind's government and security organizations have not manifested anything regarding the situation, only the assurance that they will look after the people of Stormwind as always. 


More on this matter, as it develops. 


For the Alliance, brothers and sisters!


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