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[Done] Ashrynn

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In the last couple of days posters declaring a certain person wanted began to appear in all Alliance settlements.


As per the decree of Lord Vladimir von Karstein, Count of Shalewind and Knight-Captain of the Stormwind Army!


Due to prior claims of foul deeds and the recent incident in Redridge Mountains, the person known as Ashrynn is WANTED dead or alive, but preferred alive to be brought in for questioning.

The coin offered for bringing in proof of her death is a hundred gold pieces, but if one manages to bring her in alive that bounty is increased to a hundred-fifty gold pieces.

Delivery of either proof is requested to be brought to Castle von Karstein as this is not an order issued by the Crown, but rather the Lord von Karstein himself.


Ashrynn was last sighted in Redridge Mountains not far off the temporary training camp above Lakeshire, but she is known to change locale and appear at places of varying importance by the recount of prior sightings.


A brief description and a rough sketch of her is provided on the poster itself.

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As of last night the bounty has been recalled by the Count von Karstein due to the investigation having progressed and the person in question being apprehended as per public knowledge.


Ashrynn was seen entering the military encampent above Lakeshire, only to later emerge in the company of Senior Magus and Sergeant Major of Echo Company, Eleanore de Montarville-Keiramont. After a brief exchange with a few figures of some renown, the two were seen teleporting away.

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