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Local Report: Revolt in Redridge

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The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ...


Disgruntled Citizens Claim Justice For Their Losses!


Lakeshire, the major settlement of the province of Redridge, ruled by Magistrate Solomon for long years now, has always been

in danger from different threats - from simpler foes such as gnolls and murlocs, to more dangerous foes such as Blackrock orcs

and demonic entities from various origins, mainly from the Burning Legion itself.


This afternoon has seen a band of disgruntled peasants, farmers and homeless citizens march behind the unified leadership of a disgruntled merchant by the name of Marik Wilson, owner of a caravan that usually ferries goods and provides a few trades along the dangerous Lakeridge Highway. A man of manners and methods, Mr. Wilson has been a known rival to Magistrate Solomon's government. 


With the recent demonic incursions all over the northern region, the southern reaches have been left undermanned due to the main demon army rallying in the Steppes. This has eventually caused the fall of security in the southern parts of Redridge. Farms, houses and other properties have come under attack from demons and many citizens lost their properties - one of them being Mr. Wilson. 


Considering those facts, the crowd of disgruntled citizens was rallied under Mr. Wilson's leadership, marching towards the town with the intention of deposing the Magistrate and taking his place (?). Two guards whose names were not revealed were beaten down by the angry mob armed with torches, sticks, forks and other rustic armaments. They were met with resistance by the Lakeshire Guardsmen led by Sergeant Major Eleanore de Montarville, alongside a few other adventurers. It is said that an emerging rum businessman, a Mr. Edward Thalmore, was seen running around and trying to get the authorities to act according to Marshal Marris. 


Slowly, and with the help of recently certified warlocks representing the Council of the Black Harvest, most of the crowd was dispersed under non-violent pressure, a few loyal followers remaining by their leader's side. With good and proper tactics, the crowd was finally contained by the experienced Lakeshire Guard, Mr. Wilson himself being taken under custody and presented to the authorities alongside seven other protesters whose names were not revealed. They were all hauled to Stormwind City so that His Majesty's justice may conduct the works from now on.


More news as the case develops. 


For the Alliance, brothers and sisters!


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