A Son is Born! Banquet is called!

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It's with great pleasure that the Marquis de Montarville and the Duchess Strike announce the birth of Roran Strike de Montarville, heir to the Duchy of Dyrwood. By mutual decree of the Duchess and Marquis, the inheritance of both the March de Montarville, whose heir remains Amelia de Montarville, and the Duchy of Dyrwood, who shall be Roran Strike, is now secure. On this news of stability, both the Marquis and the Duchess have declared a feast for all in the Port de Montarville. In these times of turmoil, the soul cannot be neglected. The Marquis is a vocal proponent of the idea that a war is fought on multiple fronts, including domestically. The feast invites the refugees who have lost their homes to wars, soldiers, sailors, merchants alike. Further, shipments of ale and food has been shipped to all camps in the Redridge Mountains and Chiselgrip. 

As for the banquet itself, the top brass of the military have received an invitation, as well as prominent business people, and especially the nobility of Stormwind. Guests are also expected from different factions to attend.

The security in the Port shall be at its maximum. The Marquis has ensured all his personnel, with the assistance of the Mage's Guild, SI:7, and the Westfall Brigade, are ensuring the safety of the area and any individuals entering or exiting will be thoroughly vetted, including and more rigorously with magical means.

The Marquis has assured that no personnel has been removed from the war efforts and any and all individuals present are reservists aiding. 

For all invited guests, the banquet will be held in the Castle de Montarville, and as for anyone else, the feast shall be outside and around the town.



The feast will be on Wednesday at 2ST, subject to any changes. Invited guests are any military COs, including Navy and Army, a +1 for them, the landed gentry, prominent business people, diplomats, state officials, and anyone who can convince me that they'd get an invitation --  somehow. The name of any Kul Tiran present shall be transcribed and there are chances that they receive an invitation. Private message.

I did not plan on anything more fancy than just a social gathering of players. I need to put this disclaimer that any action of any player shall be their own and not my own. xD

See you all then!

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Time changed to 5 ST

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