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Local Report: Highway Cleansing!

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The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ...


Disgruntled Citizens Cheer, Local Aristocracy Criticizes!


Lakeridge Highway is a known road that connects the main road to Lakeshire past Three Corners to the 

ruined Stonewatch Keep in the far ends of the province. In ages past, the Highway saw constant transit of 

citizens, farmers with their production, merchants with their caravans and military convoys. In the post-War

times, the southern reaches of Redridge have lost much attention with the disrepair of Stonewatch and the advances

of the Blackrock Clan of orcs into the area. As of today, the road is much less important though many locals still need it.


After a most bothersome protest from the denizens of Redridge against the lack of attention from the leadership of the province in relation to them, Marshal Marris has endeavored to provide the southern reaches with much needed security now that the northern part of Redridge is heavily defended thanks to the presence of Echo Company, Falcon Company, and the 7th Legion in Stonewatch Tower. 


Deputy Feldon, the man in charge of peace and order in the township of Lakeshire, was tasked with forming a posse from the many adventurers and mercenaries that usually visit the town in these times of strife in order to scour the Highway from any demonic presence. A group was formed and taken into the Highway, though more than just demons infested the surroundings of the Highway. It was related that the posse has confronted a band of fel-tainted gnolls and boars, as well as an Eredar sharpshooter -- all of them being skillfully dealt with thanks to the abilities of the group hired by Feldon. Further down the road, the group came to face a horde of undead, possibly the fruit of a demonic raid in some cemetery of the vicinity. 


A powerful skeletal sorcerer has also been confronted and almost defeated though the miser froze himself in a prison of magical ice! Counting on the aid of the sinister Warlocks of the Black Harvest, the soul of said sorcerer is now aprehended and under the power of said occultists. At the end of the afternoon, a good part of the Highway has been cleansed and now, according to Marshal Marris, a detachment of troops will make sure that the road is patrolled and safeguarded through a military outpost. The posse's participants were all rewarded with a 2 gold reward for their services. 


The repercussion of this action has been relatively good among the civilian populace living in the vicinity of the Highway and those that use it the most to ferry their production to Lakeshire or beyond. Even though the populace has hailed the actions of the government, some of the southern aristocrats frowned upon the actions, claiming that it's a desperate maneuver from Marshal Marris and Magistrate Solomon to alleviate the pressure on them and excuse their failures and incapacity of providing the province with the safety it demands. 


As of now, no comments were registered from Stormwind City on these matters.  


For the Alliance, brothers and sisters!


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Shortly after the brave action of the adventurers, Knight-Captain Vladimir von Karstein has mobilized a portion of the newly trained militia to secure the liberated portions of the Highway, alongside a supervisory detachment of Echo Company to assist them in their endeavors.

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