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A Second Wave of Bombardment

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Hardly a week had passed before the Legion sent another volley of Infernals into the Burning Steppes. Their defenses were less prepared to stop the Infernals mid-flight this time. A desperate attempt by the Mage of the Steppes altered the trajectory of some of the rock giants, but four still crashed into the city of Chiselgrip, one striking the Mage's own tower. Due to prior experience with this sort of attack, the city had run drills in advance. The felslate monstrosities were spotted in the sky minutes before arrival and the townsfolk managed to hide themselves indoors and underground in time.


What followed was a very brief and desperate clash between the four Infernals and the combined efforts of the guards of Chiselgrip, the mercenary soldiers of the Mage of the Steppes, and a mixed collection of adventurers and wandering warriors. Names of note were a High Mage of Stormwind and frequent visitor of Chiselgrip, Tayu Lamiaceae, and a once-native to the region, Gorrbrox Stormhowl. The pair were able to stop one of the four Infernals from detonating itself in the local tavern-turned-shelter, saving hundreds of civilian lives in the process. The act came at a great price, leaving Stormhowl's body in a disfigured mess, surviving within an inch of his life. Great pains were taken to heal the orc for his valorous deed, and he was able to walk again, but little more beyond that.


The casualty report that followed was sad, but relieving. The town only lost ten of its guard, two mercenaries, and one of the five raiders following Stormhowl. No civilian lives were lost, but many of the town's Chiseled Golems were damaged or destroyed. Cleaning of the fel corruption began immediately, and repairs to the town and inventory of golems will follow in the proceeding days. While the residents are in unanimous agreement that the disaster could have ended far worse, the Mage of the Steppes and prominent members of the Thorium Brotherhood, have declared this a lucky strike of the Legion's, and that they will not manage to follow through with such an attack a third time as Chiselgrip further prepares its interception strategies against such precision long-range attacks.

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