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A Light in the Ashes

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After a series of bombardments by the Burning Legion, all eyes watched the skies carefully in the Burning Steppes, both day and night, a constant unease present. Hours before dawn, a golden light broke through the layer of perpetual ash clouding the region and struck down. The celestial object crashed into the stone bridge leading up Blackrock Mountain, sending disarray into the flood of demonic ranks pouring along the structure. Dark Iron forces watching the bridge identified the foreign object as a glowing golden crystal, distinctly different from anything of Legion origin.


The crystal has drawn attention, frequently attracting demons to its glow. In response, the best marksmen among the Dark Irons have been focusing on any demons attempting to claw their way up to retrieve the crystal, making for easy pickings. Despite being preyed upon, this has not discouraged the desperation of the Legion's efforts. Rumors abound that the liberation forces plan to use the chaos introduced by the crystal to retake the bridge. No official word has been given, but defense of the front line has been slowly transferring into the hands of the Alliance's 7th Legion while more Dark Iron forces are rallying near the stone bridge.

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