Noble Relations 2.0

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This thread's purpose is to keep track of important information of public nature from the House of Nobles and its members,

which may come from decisions and actions taken by the House's Sessions or by our current player nobles in the community.


It also includes the time the House tends to meet. Please bear in mind that the time listed here isn't mandatory and is subject for changes

as it goes. After all, our roleplayers hail from a wide variation of OOC locations, so not all of them may be present and sometimes we don't 

have enough players to warrant a House of Nobles Session happening.


For the list of nobles and the information pertaining their respective

Houses, lands and relations formerly represented in this thread's predecessor, check this



House of Nobles Meetings

Usual DMs: Nathaniel

Usual Days: Weekends (Saturday/Sunday)

Starting Hours: 14:00/15:00 Server Time

The date and hour of the meetings may be subject of change in the event that the roleplayers beseech a

different Dungeon Master/Moderator to portray the King of Stormwind in case the Session demands his presence.

In case changes happen to the schedule, the proper channels will be notified of such modifications. 


Participation in the Meetings

Only the titled nobles or their representatives in the event that they can't be present due to IC/OOC reasons are allowed to weigh in on the

topics discussed in the House of Nobles. In the event that the noble can't show up, we kindly request that you inform the respective DM

so that the player meant to represent them officially may be allowed to come and weigh in on the Sessions. 


Non-nobles wishing to participate and watch ICly are allowed to as long as they're at least associated to the Player nobles

in the session or are acting as their escort, advisor, or any sort of official representation, from the nobles or the kingdom.

Examples: military officers, important businessmen, religious authorities, important civil servants, etc.


OOC Considerations

We kindly request that the posts in this thread be constructive and relative to its purpose.

Most of its content is logically meant to be information pertaining the nobility of Stormwind ICly.

Formal petitions to the King related to the Kingdom of Stormwind can also be posted in this

thread and, depending on their weight, it may become a topic for the House of Nobles.

So please keep it on topic. Shitposting and improper content will be removed.



For more information regarding the House of Nobles,

we suggest taking a peek at the current Lore Clarification pertaining the topic that can be found here.

Alternativelly, you can seek our Moderation Team or the Administration for more info.



Paragon Administration.

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