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Fallen's Artifice

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Inspired by the events taking place at Redridge, Apollyn has taken up to gather the forces of evil under a single banner in order to instill fear into the hearts of those whom seek to defend Azeroth from it's constant peril and improve the chances of success for those whom with to sow chaos and destruction, no matter to whom did their allegiance belong to before. In order to avoid confusion and tyranny, he created a council system where the ruling members possess an equal amount of power. To the followers, the council promises power in return for loyalty.






Those interested in joining must get to know about the guild from secret societies, illegal groups or demonic sects. Afterwards the guild will search out the potential initiate for examination before proceeding further with the recruitment. Every member will receive a background check prior to the initiation.





- Every race and class is accepted with the prequisite of being either neutral of evil by alignment.

- The hostility between guild members to the point of killing them is forbidden. (Maiming and such is allowed yet punished)

- Members must remain loyal to the guild, defecting from it will result in being branded a traitor.

- The hierarchy of the guild has been established for a reason, insubordination will be punished.

- Membership of the guild must remain a well-kept secret to the public, blabbermouths will be punished.







The Council: Compiled from greater demons, mortals of equal power or other powerful entities: the ruling body of the guild.










The Champions: Mostly the personal guards or apprentices of the Council members. For a member to ascend to this rank, they must prove themselves with an extraordinary feat or meet the previous requirements.




The Members: The bulk of the guild, composed out of former initiates that have gained either the approval of a council member or a champion.








The Initiates: Fresh recruits that haven't met the requirements stated above, thus lacking the privileges that come with memberhood.




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A well made yet generic evil guild... overall I like it. Although, if not done correctly I can see it becoming a cesspool of the constant measuring of power over others. Just be careful with it's execution, and be strict on your members, as evil character do tend to be from less disciplined players in many cases. (not necessarily this case.)


Good luck with the guild, and just remember to have fun no matter what's going on IC. After all, that IS why we should be playing in the first place.

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