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[Completed] [Bounty] - Arathi Dungeon Crawl

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As the evening sun would continue to set over the northern mountains of Arathi, a small group of adventurers would be seen approaching and somehow gaining entry into an ogre mound. Screams and voodoo explosions could be heard echoing out from the mound, finally, an eruption of voodoo magic casting out into the sky. With the group's departure from the mound, two pairs of tusks would be seen from a now blood-gushing backpack. 


There are doubts of who sent them, but anyone familiar with Steamwheedle politics has heard that a Mogul Wexal Smugchin paid adventurers to retrieve his mother's stolen brooch and 'teach a lesson' to those responsible for stealing it. 


With the group's departure, it would appear that the ogres would return to the mound, having no further qualms. Although it has been reported that one ogre is seen getting endlessly turned around on the roads of Arathi, when asked, claiming that he needed to figure out what way Highmaul was to see his parents because of some small, scantily dressed elf.





[Mogul Smugchin's Power Ring]: It appears that his mother's brooch wasn't the only thing trolls stole. This ring appears to have prominent social benefits, allowing you to get a discount of 5% on any goods by the Steamwheedle Cartel. Claimed by Ostered (Hydra)


[Voodoo Imbued Wand]: Although the actual Wand itself appears to be decently feable, the Voodoo appears to be a strong love enchantment, who knows how strong it is. Will you be the new Cupid? Claimed by Elarine (Fizz) (Lore Backup is found via this quest of voodoo's ability to do so)


[Worn Ogre Trinket]: It's seen its better days, but you sense a heavy source of Arcane coming from it. When tapped by one without any Arcane knowledge, it emits a soothing tone and +2 Arcane energy. One with Arcane knowledge may find that this tone gets louder and louder closer to the circles of power in Arathi, what will you find waiting for you? (Starts a quest) Claimed by Aqua (Oni/Jules)


[Stolen Pouch]: A stolen pouch, you can hear coins jingle from inside. (Two Gold, twenty silver, fifty copper) Claimed by Alhazred (Schredd)

In addition, all participants are received 25s for successfully completing and retrieving the heads + the retrieval of the Mogul's mother. 





Hey guys, just some OOC here, just am going to do small little dungeon crawls, little 5ish man adventurers, and so forth as I get some free time. I wanted to again thank Fizz, Schredd, and Oni/Jules for joining on this one, and letting me get out of my rusty state from not DMing for multiple years. It was nice as opposed to doing endless Cybersecurity/Cloud based studying. 


I plan to host more of these as the time comes and will try to be more organized to give sufficient notice for anyone wanting to come or join up as opposed to just 10 minutes prior. 

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