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[Completed] [Retrieval] Venture Bay Can Eat Again!

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It was during the wee hours of the evening, snow falling rapidly from the sky, hushing what little sunlight remained in Venture Bay. Many citizens, adventurers, and everything in-between alike stumbled around, unsure of where they may lay their heads for the night; a hydra attacking and burning down the bunkhouse earlier into the day. Groups would gather along the docks, taking in the crisp ocean air radiating heat from the sunlight beating down earlier, providing a bit of warmth. Amongst this peace, a bellowed out yell occurred, with signs of anguish and frustration within. It was reported that this came from Chef Patrick, a local of Venture Bay, lamenting his woes to a small group of rag-tags that investigated what the commotion was about. A local tribe of murlocs had apparently stolen the entire month's supply of food for the Bay, and it appeared this group would be Patrick's savior as they left the Bay. 


Some time passed, with onlookers reporting the group returned, hauling back most of the supplies and corpses of overgrown crabs. Patrick's emotions were clear to see, the man loved his profession, and he swiftly got to making a meal. The group appeared to disperse, casually coming back for the dinner Patrick would make. 




[Recovered Shreddder Component]: It appears that the murlocs liked all things shiny, but didn't entirely understand what they did. The component is a recovered jewel, giving its user a sense of heightened agility. (+1 Agi) [Claimed by Kaiden (Oni)]


[Abandoned Locket of the Sea]: The locket appears to belong abandoned, with the picture of whoever in it faded by the woes of seawater and time. However, the holder would feel a ghostly presence, assisting in any sea-based travel in the future. [Claimed by Evalaine (Inc)]


[Chef Pete's 'Special Spices']: The chef was so grateful to have his supplies back that he gifted you two of his multiple special spices. These containers appear to never fully empty and are able to be used to make unlimited bread. [Claimed by Perry (Yoker)]


[Sailor's Left-Behind Coat]: After a night of drinking, it appears that a soldier confused their drunken warmth for the outside temperature. This is a decent coat, with nice frills to it. [Claimed by Ostered (Hydra)]


[Venture Co issued 'F1GHT H4CK']: The Venture Company pulled no punches with this enchantment, giving its user increased strength. (+1 Str) [Claimed by Zhuo (Tim)]


[Sack of Silver]: Exactly as it sounds, contains 65 silver. [Claimed by Vexxi (Akasha)]



Along with one of the above rewards, each member is rewarded with getting a free meal a day from Chef Patrick up in Venture Bay. 




Just another quick OOC note, I wanna thank you all for coming and appreciate your sticking with it through the impromptu event. I apologize for any confusion, the cloudy mind from Covid can def cause some brain lapses, but I think, all things considered, we did pretty awesomely! 



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