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[Quel'thalas] A tragedy we won't soon forget.

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Following the 'diminishing' and replenished power of the Sunwell, a rather official-looking missive can be seen pinned to just about every noticeboard within Quel'thalas' borders, signed by one Magistrix Dragonsong. The missive details the following;


"Once again has the Sunwell risked destruction by those that would see Quel'thalas and its denizens wither. An Ethereal comprised from the Void and its madness struck down and claimed the lives of those that stood in defense of the Sunwell, and wished to turn our race over to his own masters. Had we not have been alerted by the efforts of our newfound Nightborne allies, we may very well have been within his 'masters' grasp before we even knew of it.


Whilst the Sunwell has indeed been purified at the hands of Grand Magister Rommath, Magistrix Dawngaze and myself, let this be a reminder that those who follow the Void and practice its teachings will not find safe haven within Quel'thalas' boundaries. An incident such as this one cannot be allowed to pass a second time. All risk will be eliminated."


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