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Haunting Howls in Red Hills - Redridge

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          Late in the evening, as the sun descended upon the mountains around Redridge, the Tower of Ilgalar lit up the sky! The amber glow of the setting sun, with a pained howl, became blood red! A darkness cast up into the sky as the recently deceased were torn from their rest. Their souls drawn up into the bloody crimson vortex that enveloped the infamous tower. Windows shattered, and a feeling of dread washed over the lands! For several minutes chills would wrack the body, and those closest to the tower would have an unnatural fear cast upon their hearts. And just as quickly as it all began... it stopped. The pounding heart would continue, but the darkness lifts. The sky becoming amber once more as the sun disappeared beneath the mountain peaks.


          Any who investigate the lands around the tower have reported that the mutant gnolls that once inhabited the tower are all dead. Left in dry, lifeless husks in their camps. Bled dry, in figures of agony. Only two gnolls remained, the Blood Witch's favorites. Soon the apprentices of the Black Harvest would return... What dark magics would they learn of now, in the wake of the ritual that took place? Even they have seemed perturbed... The Ebon Blade on the other hand have begun sniffing around.

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