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Hiring fighters: Dawgar's Bulwark

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The following texts, which are written in a crude but readable handwriting, are getting spread all over the kingdom of Stormwind and neutral cities, with some posters even making their way to Khaz Modan and Kalimdor.


Wanted: Able bodied recruits


Dawgar's Bulwark is looking for able bodied recruits, or those with magical aptitude. Under Captain Pok, we take on peacekeeping and security jobs around Alliance and neutral territories. Recently, our numbers have taken a beating after we were the maul that broke the Dark Horde's frontline in Redridge, so we are employing whomever is willing to travel around, fighting for fortune.


Lodging, food, training and basic equipment will be provided in Kingsbay. Those with ties with dark forces, or those that cannot work with ogres need not apply. Druids and arcanists welcomed, as are fighters of all manner of skills. 

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