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A Hero's Call - Duskwood

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Creative Team

"Have you ever heard of the tale of the Embalmer? It's quite the tragic tale they tell kids these days. It speaks of a kindly Alchemist who, in their sorrow at losing their beloved, took his own heart and gave it to her that she may live once more. However, his wife soon began to develop a hunger for human flesh, and so the Alchemist had to keep her buried."

This was a statement from Lord Ello Ebonlocke 17 years ago, before his identity among the Veiled Hand was discovered. As adventurers came to reclaim the heart of Abercrombie, the Embalmer, from the chest of his wife, Eliza.

They thought that she was laid to rest at last, but they were wrong.

Reports found of a skeletal woman in a bride's dress with a bouquet of roses and a lantern stealing away Night Watch and feasting upon their flesh.

Lady Myla Koslov, the new caretaker of Tranquil Gardens Cemetery, used her new charge to attract would-be adventurers, acting as a host to draw attention to recent issues in the region.

She, among a quartet of odd fellows, were able to track the rerisen Eliza back to Raven Hill Cemetery, and saw her soul to the other side.


The question is raised though: Where is Abercrombie? Reports have seen him leaving the area of Duskwood years ago, and has not been seen since...

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