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Arkanford Elects New Leader

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Following one of its Assemblies, the Arkanford has elected a new Thearch to take the reins of the organization and launch it into the new world ahead. With the fall of the Legion and movements in the activities of the organization itself, the Assembly decided to move ahead with another individual who has shown dedication to Azeroth herself. Earlier, it was announced that Captain Eleanore Bradley was to take the leadership mantle of this omnipresent organization. The Assembly discussed matters such as the fall of the Legion, the whereabouts of certain eredars, the sword of Sargeras, the future goals of the organization, and more. Another major topic that came about was the long silence of the organization and its need to find new benefactors, especially after the demise of House Stahlbrad, and become a more active force in Azeroth.

In all major cities of Azeroth, billboards now inform the populace of these new changes and the intent of the Arkanford. Envoys have been sent to all major players, seeking benefactors.

A new era is upon us and the Arkanford shall serve.

Knowledge, for its own sake.





To make it clear to all: the Arkanford is open to all races and all classes. The only restriction is pure Necromancers. However, anyone else can join.


tl;dr version of its goals: society of knowledge seekers who explore, discover, and learn all for the goal of providing unfettered protection to the innocent population of Azeroth. This is the vision of Eleanore Bradley. All interested in the mysteries of the world, in knowledge, in the Arcane, and in a democratic society that believes in serving Azeroth, feel free!




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