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Local Report: Valiance!

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The evening Local Report reads as follows:



New Jobs have been Opened in the Preparation for Large Cobalt Extraction!



Great news arrive from the otherwise dormant continent of Northrend to the masses of the Kingdom of Stormwind who just recently lost their jobs due to the crisis faced by the post-Legion war status. His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn, has deemed the closed Farshire Mine near Valiance Keep to be a possible asset for the kingdom in its dire times, and as such, has sent an envoy in the person of Lord Vladimir Von Karstein, Count of Shalewind, to confer with the long time commander of the Keep, General Arlos of the Valiance Expedition, in order to evaluate the mine's conditions and to discern how worthy are the deposits still buried in those rocks. 


The Farshire Mine was deactivated long ago after numerous cases of infection by the Plague of Undeath, which took the lives of many workers and soldiers. As the mine was reopened, a few undead was still found roaming the caves but were swiftly dealt with. Now that the threat of the Scourge is inexistent, the Count of Shalewind has inspected the mine and, employing his own Redridge Stonemason's Guild, he has ordered the start of the preparations for the arrival of numerous workers to continue the extraction of the mine's resources. An impressive stash of cobalt ore has been confirmed, as well as the precious deposits of limestone and flint. Thankfully, and surprisingly, the infrastructure of the mine remain very conserved and safe from attrition. The tracks meant to unload the mine's production are currently under reparations and machines are being required to expedite the process of putting the mine to work. 


As such, it is with joy and pride that His Majesty announces the opening of  jobs in the frigid north, with a salary fixed on 20 silver/month, 8 hours/day work, food, and housing provided by the Count's lease, for every able-bodied citizen willing to travel to Valiance Keep and join the operation. Families in need of relocation are advised to seek out the Stormwind Harbor Authority as soon as they can with all necessary identification papers in order to get a free pass on the next vessel bound for Valiance Keep.


Dwarven specialists from the Ironforge Miner's League are being contacted in regards to the proper execution and organization of the Farshire Mine's operations and are expected to arrive in Valiance Keep within the week. It is indeed a great day for the considerable number of unemployed citizens already wandering the streets of Stormwind City and its nearby settlements even though this is but one (considerable) first step on the way to stability in the kingdom.


The King has officially complimented the work of His Lordship the Count of Shalewind on this vital effort to fix the kingdom's troubles as well as He has expressed his empathy towards those who struggle to maintain their families in this time of strife. 


More news as the case develops.

For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! 


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