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Local Report: Marshal Stoutmantle!

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The afternoon report of the day reads as follows:



Westfall Brigade's Commanding Officer is Welcomed by Sentinel Hill's denizens!



The Kingdom of Stormwind as a whole rejoices today, especially the Province of Westfall as the notorious veteran of the War against the Lich King, commanding officer and founder of the Westfall Brigade, Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle, has made his return to the kingdom after finishing his business with the Order of the Silver Hand in the north, though his membership in the famous paladin order still stands firm and proud.


Gryan Stoutmantle is one of the most well known citizens of the Kingdom of Stormwind, forming the People's Militia of Westfall years ago when the conditions of the province, lack of support from Stormwind and the then powerful Defias Brotherhood made the life of most if not all Westfall denizens a living hell of terror and fear. Under his command and with the support of valiant heroes, the People's Militia pushed the Defias Brotherhood back and brought about its downfall. As things seemed to settle down in Westfall, the Militia was transformed into a military unit proper and added to the Stormwind Army as the Westfall Brigade, with Stoutmantle as its commander. In the War against the Lich King, the Brigade has achieved important developments that supported the war effort, more specifically in the zone called Grizzly Hills. Promoted to Marshal, Gryan Stoutmantle and the Brigade returned to Westfall and to this day, the Brigade ensures that the province is kept safe and orderly.


As the Burning Legion invasion began, the Marshal has fought the demons back by the Brigade's side in Westfall. A dutiful and selfless man, he decided to join the Order of the Silver Hand in its efforts during the entire war up until the demonic invasion was pushed back and the Burning Legion defeated. Commended for his actions, the Marshal stood with his paladin comrades up until recently when the kingdom's situation was brought to his attention and he was called home by Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade.


Greeted by His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn himself, the Marshal was offered a hero's welcome which he turned down, stating that his services to the people of Stormwind and Azeroth were his duty and honor and that he would always dedicate himself to them without question -- a declaration considered to be questionable by a few members of the aristocracy. Regardless, the Marshal left Stormwind City this morning and was escorted to Sentinel Hill by a company of Royal Guards, courtesy of the King. He was welcomed with applause and rejoice by Sentinel Hill's soldiers and population.


Commander Alderic Bradley, interim chief officer of security of the province until now, received the Marshal in Sentinel Hill's tower, along with the Brigade's officers Captain Danuvin and Captain Alpert. The Commander has briefed the Marshal on the operations conducted recently and those planned to occur in the coming days. After a modest, personal ceremony, Commander Bradley was thanked by Marshal Stoutmantle for his efforts so far before being officialy dismissed and will be recalled to Stormwind City soon.


We wish Marshal Stoutmantle the best and thank him for his service and dedication.


For the Alliance, brothers and sisters!


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