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Arkanford Bustling with Activity

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In a couple of busy weeks after its new leadership, the Arkanford has announced the re-acceptance of Alvia Dawngaze to its rank as the head of the Horde's Arkanford Research Group. In addition, the Arkanford has announced two new major benefactors to its organization: Houses Keiramont and Wormwood of the Stormwind House of Nobility.

The organization has also been speaking a lot about a new major project which is being kept under secrecy. Thearch Bradley has been seen with a number of meetings with the Count von Karstein, discussing matters that seemed of great importance. The only announcement was that the Arkanford was also going to delve into research regarding corruption against the Old Gods. What does that entail? No one is aware... yet.

Finally, a cart has arrived in Sentinel Hill along with the colours of the Arkanford to aid with the rise of darker forces and cultists.

Recruitment is ramping up. The society grows.

Knowledge, for its own sake.


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