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Coven of Ash

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"Any can walk the path of the light, praise and glory showered upon their actions. True courage is in standing in the shadows, where; despite your conviction to do them good, they scorn and hate you. - Only in the light can the selfish prevail! But here, where it is cold and lonely, selflessness is a choice."


-Lady of Graves, Dr. Vicktoria Appleton-


          There is a covenant forming in the wake of the Legion. A pact of the dark arts, mysterious and bold. This Coven of Ash, named for the white bark of the tree that grows in the ashes of destruction, stands as an unexpected shield for the Alliance against the depravity of the world. Elements of the Illidari, Black Harvest, and Ebon Blade have come together to form this coven. With three purposes in mind; Education, Balance, and Protection.


          Life and death, Light and Void, Chaos and Order... no one of these can succeed without an equal measure of the other to temper it. The Lady of Night, second mother of the Coven teaches those who seek the secrets of the dark arts. Shows them what it will take, and what they will sacrifice to attain such power. Instilling an understanding of the social and magical ramifications of employing such powers will be. The arts themselves are not the enemy, and through education the coven seeks to show the Alliance this fact. For just as a knife is dangerous when it is dull, so too is the mind! As we sharpen the blade of our sister's minds, we also see the flaws that may break them. The Second Mother also tends to these weaknesses, strengthening their resolve with spiritual guidance... and if need be... discipline!


          Discipline, in the dark arts, may come as punishment. But often, a lesson in the second tenet will do. Balance; as important as education. Without this facet of the coven there is no purpose! Lady of Graves, the first mother, oversees the continued education of the sisters after initiation. While they may seek the others for instruction, the First Mother acts as the eyes. Flaws seen in them are stressed in the tasks required of the coven. They will be instructed how to balance not only their magic, but also their own life. The mind is fragile, and so we strengthen it! But there are many that, even with these tenets upheld will scorn the coven. Desperation in the face of persecution has created more villains then any black magic has.


To prevent more villains being created within the coven's embrace, it has decided to provide layers of protection. This duty falls to the Lady of Malice.



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