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"Argent Lordaeron"

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The following gossip can be heard in settlements across Eastern Kingdoms:




With the Argent Crusade's critical losses in the disastrous 1st Battle of the Broken Shore, where Highlord Fordring himself was a casualty of war, a massive recruitment project was initiated soon after, which saw a considerable number of Azerothians from many races and different nationalities traveling to the lands of Lordaeron, specifically Hearthglen and Light's Hope Chapel, in order to begin their path as Argent Crusaders. 


After such influx of people joining the Argent lines, the high command of the Crusade endeavoured a rather significant expansion in their business across the Plaguelands. It is said that the farmlands north of Andorhal are once more producing at full speed, though not as plentiful as it once were before the Third War. Regardless of the soil's recent recuperation, it is said that the production will be much helpful in maintaining the Crusaders -- whom until recently depended mostly on donations and patronage. 


As such, Felstone Field and Dalson's Farm are now firmly under Argent control. Many refugees from Lordaeron who were living in the Alliance lands to the south have flocked to these lands once more, believing in the protection provided by the Argent Crusade to be safety enough for them to farm the lordaeronian soil once more.


Where once an agent of the Cult of the Damned operated, Malicia's Outpost has been turned into an Argent fort under command of Icecrown veteran Captain Grondel. It was informed that the fort is meant to provide cover in the otherwise untamed eastern region of the Western Plaguelands, providing safe travels to caravans and Argent detachments coming and going from the Eastern Plaguelands. 


Furthermore, the once last bastion of humanity in Lordaeron, Tyr's Hand, is said to be bustling with activity. Convoys rich with goods of animal and natural resources, apples, grapes, milk, leather and meat, arrive all over the Argent bases across Lordaeron. The Brotherhood of the Light, supported by champions, have done a commendable job in removing the undead agents dubbed as 'the Risen' from the sacred city during the harsh times of the Cataclysm.


Crusade Commander Korfax, Champion of the Light, has been appointed as military commander of the Argent forces stationed in Tyr's Hand. Archmage Angela Dosantos was appointed to head scholastic pursuits in the city, while leadership of the settlement itself was given to Crusader Lord Latinga, a veteran from Zul'Drak. The Tyr's Hand Cathedral (once known as 'Scarlet Bastion'), a magnificent temple of the Holy Light that can easily compete with the Cathedral of Light from Stormwind City, was entrusted to High Cleric Gregorios, a man of long term service to the Holy Light.


The Church of the Holy Light has expressed interest in assuming control over the Tyr's Hand Cathedral via one of their Bishops, but the Brotherhood of the Light has 'ignored' their pleas, stating that pilgrimage of all those who believe in the benevolence of the Holy Light are welcome to do so in Tyr's Hand, though the Argent religious sect will oversee all religious activities within the sacred city.


Lord Maxwell Tyrosus (supposedly de facto leader of the Crusade) has proudly acknowledged the progress of the Crusade throughout the battered Kingdom of Lordaeron, stating that the Crusade's work so far is motive of pride and celebration as they work tirelessly to undo the terrible damage caused by the Scourge, offering his deep thanks to the Cenarion Circle in their support and the champions of Azeroth. Still, he also stated that, while much has been achieved already, there is much more work to be done in the Plaguelands.  



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Guest Incandessa

Champion Elrendar Ronae of the Brotherhood of Light proudly sports an emblem of Lordaeron upon her tabard. Her efforts in helping purify her homeland are known to most, if not all, in the Crusade. Andorhal is next. ( (; )

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