[Dungeon Chain] Assault on Grease Vault

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Creative Team

Assault on Grease Vault



A former Kor'kron engineer, Kiska Boombelt fled from her sentenced execution earned by the war crimes she had committed under the reign of Garrosh Hellscream.

Hiding for many years inside of her underground shelter that lies beneath the lands of Southern Barrens, she turned the small fallout shelter into a labyrinth of engineered horrors.

What awaits inside of the Grease Vault, is a horde of mechanical abominations, who were created for nothing but one purpose: To ensure Kiska’s escape, should someone discern her location.

With the presence of the yet-unknown material of Azerite forming beneath The Barrens, this underground facility became extremely dangerous, tainting and affecting the creations of Kiska. The volatile energies, mixed up with the oil and waste this facility produces, the taurens of Thunderbluff have researched this disturbance, and found the entrance to Kiska’s cave. The Warchief, among the other leaders of the horde, concluded to put the blame on Jastor Gallywix, as Kiska once was the member of the Bilgewater, thus the Warchief commanded and tasked him, to solve the mess caused by the remnant of his cartel.

Risking the balance of nature, and the reputation of Gallywix, the taurens and the goblins decided to hire heroes and adventurers, to descend into the Grease Vault, in order to stop Kiska.


Your arrival:

Wanted posters appeared on the walls of each Horde capitals, and their surrounding towns, detailing the mission. The posters all had the official wax seal of Jastor Gallywix printed on them. - Additionally, the word spread around the engineering communities of each faction and companies about this mission, as whatever is inside of this dungeon is not just intriguing, but perhaps profitable. The Mission sign reads:  


"Adventurers and Heroes of the Horde! I, the great Trade Prince Jastor Gallywix, request your assistance inside of the Southern Barrens, at the entrance of the collapsed mine of Frazzlecraz. Anyone who contributes to the elimination of Kiska Boombelt, should expect handsome rewards! The task is important, and dangerous! Note: Adventurers of the Alliance are tolerated, but not welcome. - Sincerely yours, Big G." 



"Druids of Azeroth! The earthmother is crying for your help! We request your aid inside of the Southern Barrens, in order to stop Kiska Boombelt, the one behind the disturbance of nature. The matter is urgent, and heroes will be rewarded for their help. - Mull Thunderhorn."


"Engineers of Azeroth! Word got carried into my ears about this mechanical dungeon of Kiska Boombelt. Had you found the time and chance to partake in the expedition... Report the events and the mechanical discoveries of the cave, in exchange for monetary reward! - Grand Master Engineer - Timofey Oshenko"


OOC Information:

What is It?

A Dungeon that includes the theme of engineering, mainly vehicles and robots.

Once you finish the Dungeon, Grease Vault becomes a passive-faction players can visit. Mainly serving as a Horde/Engineering RP Hub, with the possibility of further quests and adventures regarding the faction. - "The Heap" is allied to the Horde, but neutral in nature, welcoming any engineers who are interested in technology over the war of the factions.

Who can join?

- Horde Characters

- Druids of any race

- Neutral Engineers

- Alliance, with a good reason. They are not supported or represented by anyone here, thus they must arrive understanding this.

What are the Rewards?

Finishing the Dungeon, rewards 10 gold.

- Additionally, the Dungeon offers a loot/reward system, much like Turtle's system in F&F. 

Players will receive Tokens for bosses, and they can spend these tokens to buy the loot.

IC, the Loot can be purchased @ Pan <Quartermaster of Grease Vault> once the chain is finished at the Grease Forge.

The Loot List is Work in Progress, and will be posted under this post.


Content & Conclusions (spoiler)

-Adventure Guide-



The Heap:
Glitch - Amperor of Grease Vault.
The first "toy" of Kiska. A robot built out of gold and gem.. yet like every first toy, he's been tossed away by her.

He is programmed to eliminate anyone who enters The Heap... yet, he desires nothing but peace. Survive against the incoming wave of different robots!
The Junkyard:

Pan - Quartermaster of Grease Vault

The intelligence of the Junkyard, Pan is a giant robot, who is tasked to send signals to the malfunctioning robots in order to dissemble themselves. - With the help of the vehicles assembled by the freed Glitch's command, sit into the different machines, to fight the horde of robots, in a Mad Max style encounter.

The Arena:

Cash & Money - Fusion Bots.

Cash and Money, named after the two things Kiska loves and adores the most. These Battle-Bots are her greatest design, created for nothing but to be defeated, and to stand up with new surprises against their opponents. 
The Workshop:

C.U.T.E. - Colossal. Unfair. Target. Eliminator.

Inside of the Workshop, Kiska was building gigantic robots, tasked and programmed only... to create robotic parts that are the better version of themselves. The united horrors that are all of Kiska's creations, are now one. Originally intended to become Kiska's suit, she had to abandon C.U.T.E. to secure her escape, but obviously... First she activated the robot. 
The Train:
Kiska's Escape & Kiska
Kiska is a mad scientist of sorts. Building a secret train route on the cliffs of The Barrens... She is determined to escape, to start a new life, with a new identity. You can not let her escape! In this encounter, she will utilize every knowledge she has gathered in her life, in order to stop you... from stopping her.





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Hype? Hype...

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Creative Team

(I will keep this updated as my loot list gets approved)

How do I buy loot?

- Once you defeat the second boss... Grease Vault will turn into an allied area. You can ask Pan the Quartermaster to turn your Grease Vault Tokens into items.

How do I get Grease Vault Tokens?

- By defeating bosses! You receive 100 / Bosses.

Thanks Turtle for letting me steal your system ily


==-Misc Items/Services-==



[K.West Autotuner] - 50

A small hand-sized box device you can push against your throat, with turnable cogs on it’s side.

- Effect: Modulate the tone and pitch of your voice, mimicking the voice of anyone you can recognize. - Everytime you use the device, roll D10 = scoring 1, causing the device to malfunction, deafening every ally and foe within 15 yards. - The object can malfunction 3 times, then you need to get it repaired. By sacrificing this artifact, you can turn it into a small bomb that deafens anyone in 15 yards.



[Mechanical Arm] - (tradable) - 100

A perfectly functioning mechanical arm with ten functions. 

- Effect: Anytime, you may activate these functions: Small fire from finger, Smooth  balance/rotation, Knife finger, Fork finger, Spoon finger, Punch, Massage, Pat, Perfect Handshake, Shaving.


[S.E.L.F.I.E. - Camera] - 50

The famous camera! 

- Effect: Take a selfie. - You can take up to 10 selfies.


[Grease Forging] - 200

A personalized loot, consisting of casual, random materials.


 [Epic Grease Forging] - 400 

A personalized loot, consisting of restricted materials without having to write an application for it.






-Dungeon Legendary-

[Tinker’s Backpack] - (0/1)  // Unlocks after first boss //

The refined version of the famous Backpack worn by the Tinker of Warcraft III. The backpack has two mechanical arms, working for the user as additions to his own arms. These mechanical arms can either act as a weapon, or a tool. - Additionally, the backpack has a small rocket panel, and it can send an artillery strike into a 10 yard radius of location once per three days. - Effect: You have two additional arms. - Once a day, you can send a powerful artillery strike into a 20 yard radius area. The bag is also filled with several engineering tools.


-The Heap-

[Glitch’s Memory] - (0/1) 

A hand-sized, golden robotic panel, that has a few buttons on it, wires hanging out from the inside.- Effect: Once an event, you can target a mechanical device/vehicle/creature of any type… and you can shut it down for 1 turn. - The target will have it’s actions interrupted, and whatever plans it had, must be restarted once the target boots up again. - Additionally, this trinket has a chance when scoring 15+ (on d20 roll) - to energize you, imbuing your attack with stunning electricity.


[Amperor’s Greatsaff] - (0/1) 

A large brass staff with a golden, shiny cover. The staff has a mechanical, electric device on the top. Holding onto the staff makes you feel powerful, and a constant vibration emits from the inside of the object. - Effect: Once every 3 days, you can lift the staff in order to raise a small barrier of electricity around your visage. This barrier neglects any means of spells coming their way, and dissolves any physical missiles into waste-particles. - The staff also conducts lightning and electricity, thus it grants you a moderate amount of natural resistance.


[Pan’s Electric Claws] - (0/1)

A vicious fist-weapon, that seems to be bearing five mechanical claws that can be imbued with electricity. Perfect for assassins. - Effect: Once every 3 days, you can turn yourself into pure electricity, blinking into a direction within 30 yards. The area where you land, receives an AOE of 10 yards electric nova, damaging everyone with a shocking damage. The intensity of that damage scales from 1-5 (d5). - The AOE effect can be exchanged into a “next attack” single-target effect.


[Gloves of Simulated Magic] - (1/1) FARAAD (Forrest) 

Two pairs of gloves that seem to be mechanical, covered in plastic.  - Effect: Twice an event, you can cast a random spell at the DM’s discretion. - The effectiveness/quantity/quality of the spell will be decided by d20. - Rolling one can backfire, however you need to target a 15yard radius location, or a creature with these spells.


-Hivemind Arena-

[Peacekeeper’s Shield] - (0/1)

A massive metal shield covered in wires. The handler of the shield seems to have a red button on it. - Effect: Once every three days: The shield emits an electric signal that causes a disturbance of power in the metal’s surface. - Any magical projectile/effect reaching the shield is rendered useless.


!!Work in Progress!!


-The Workshop-

!!Work in progress!!


-The Escape & Kiska-

[Kiska’s Goggles] - (1/1) Viera - Satan

Simple, mechanical goggles that seem to be having odd buttons on the side. 

Modes: Night vision, X-tray, Heat vision, Aura detection, Undead Detection, Zoom, 3 turns per mode

- Effect: Once a week: The goggles can shoot a destructive laser, dealing d10 bonus fire damage. This effect is not consuming your turn.


!!Work in progress!!!!Work in progress!!




==-Class Specific Items-==



 - Mage/Warlock

[Augment: Order of Creations] (off-hand) -  (0/1)

Found inside of the Kor’kron Workshop, this book was the manual that allowed Kiska to create her own automated dungeon. The origins of the book is unknown, but it’s enginetic design hints that this book might originate from Ulduar.

A large book that holds many runes inside of it. By the side of the runes, there is a quick, yet detailed description and illustration of mechanical creations. This book holds great power and is considered a masterpiece by both Engineers and Mages. 

- Effect: Once an event: Activate Augment, in order to conjure a mechanical construct by your side. This mechanical construct will act as if it was a sentient being, and requires no controller, and will act upon your vocal command. Thus, it counts as its own unit in turns. - You can either summon a robotic being, a horde of boom bots, or something along these lines.


- Warrior

[Automated. Hysteria. Therapy] (Back) - (1/1) ORND (MCDAVIES)

These wires can be found inside of Cash-Money’s body. A cape of gentle cables that can adjust themselves to the nerves of anyone without causing a problem. These wires are coating your body as you wear them.

- Effect: Once an event. - Activate the electricity that is running inside of the wires, to remove any means of magical stun, or mind-control effect. Additionally, you release a cloud of electricity around you within 15 yards, dealing D5 intensity damage to anyone around you. - As a side effect, you are controlled by your rage, tunnel visioning on your target. You are blinded by your own rage against your target for the next turn, a defensive action is of no question and friendly casualties are likely to happen. Rolling 1 MAY result in getting electrocuted and stunned for the next turn.


- Paladin/Priest

[Judgement] (Revolver) - (1/1) Magnolia - (Coinsmasher)

A fine piece of truesilver revolver, enchanted with the holy light. Judgement was found inside of Kiska’s Train, and it is perhaps an item of the Kor’kron after their encounter against the alliance during the Northrend Campaign. - The handler of the gun is black leather, and it has a holy symbol engraved into the side.

- Effect: You can shoot Judgement six times an event. Judgement enchants the bullets inside of it with holy properties. Each shot has a D6 effect, scaling upon DM discretion. 1: Simple bonus holy damage. 6: 10yard radius holy explosion.


- Hunter/Rogue

[B.A.B.E.] (Gun) - (0/1)

Found inside of Kiska’s Armory… B.A.B.E. seems like a self-automated rifle, with a laser scope on the top. The rifle requires no ammunition, and instead it seems to shoot weird spikey-nanobots the size of a bullet.

- Effect: Three times an event: You can detonate the nano-bots in order to explode with the intensity of a grenade.


- Warlock/Mage

[Pocket Junkyard] (Off-hand) (0/1)

An odd globe of glass, that has a portal inside of it. This pocket dimension seems to be a junkyard of robots. This Pocket Junkyard used to be the core that held the great robot C.U.T.E. together.

- Effect: Once an event: Activate the Pocket Junkyard: Summon a Junkyard robot from your pocket dimension, to serve you for one turn. - Alternatively, you can trap defeated/willing creatures inside of your Junkyard, however if you do.. The next time you use your Pocket Junkyard, they will be resummoned, and they will not be happy. If a player gets trapped in the Junkyard they will be able to free themselves after 3 days.


- Shaman/Monk/Druid

[Fula’kir: Beads of Thunder] (Wrist) - (1/1) BLUE (Sam)

Three pieces of dark blue, crystal-like beads connected in a wire-string. This seems to be some sort of shamanistic artifact that has been stolen by the Kor’kron. These beads were found inside of the Hive Mind Arena’s machinery… Seemingly, these beads were providing enough electricity for a whole factory to work with.

- Effect: Once an event: Lifting the beads to the sky, calls for the aid of the Storm Elementals. - Summon Two Greater Storm Elemental by your side. These elementals will arrive in the means of three independant lightning strikes, stunning anyone in the area they landed. These storm elementals will serve you for two player turns.



==-Pet Battle-==




[CAG-E V2] - 100

A mechanical Corgi pet.

It is great for pet battles, and also can track targets based on DNA samples if they are within 100 yards radius. Rolling a 10 out of D20 will result in the Corgi malfunctioning and lose track of the target.


[TURTL-E V2] - 100

A mechanical turtle pet.

It is great for pet battles, and also can scan the DNA samples of a target, storing the memory of their scent, face, last seen location. Rolling a 10 out of D20 will result in the Corgi malfunctioning and lose track of the target.






[Extractor] - (0/1)

A potent mount, with a comfortable seat. It’s head is a strong drill that can be used to make cave entrances, or to extract materials. Extremely durable.


[GRINDER] - (0/1)

A mount that seems to be a grinder of some sorts. It has spider-like legs. Whatever object you place into the head of the Grinder, will turn into a trash-cube.


[Mechano Hog] - (0/5)

The famous chopper, available in horde/alliance version.


[Flying Machine] - (0/1)

An old fashioned flying machine. - It can be crafted in either Goblin or Gnomish fashion.


[SCOTT-E] - (0/1)

A Flying mount! It is a mechanical goblin head. It can shoot electric-beams from the eyes.



A Steam Armor-Mount hybrid. The Sky Golem can fly, and is great for ranged combat, allowing the user to shoot saw-blades.








[Mecha Hound] - 200

A mechanical hound.

This loyal companion comes in 4 different colors, and can see in darkness, track faces and movement. Sharp teeth, with a small gun inside of its mouth.



[Mecha Spider] - 200

A mechanical spider. It can be mounted.

It can climb walls, and discover cages. It can shoot net against the target, and has mechanical fangs.


[Mecha Saber] - 200

A mechanical saber... 

With intense agility and weight at the same time. It has invisibility barrier, thus it is perfect for stealth.



==-Steam Suits-==



 [Steam Armor]: (MONEY&CASH) (1/1) -  Leeyi (Alaina)

The Peacekeeper is a defensive Steam Armor. It has a great-shield on it’s left arm, and an electric shock-rod on the right arm. Very durable device, and can be used in battles.

It can be requested in either Offensive(CASH) or Defensive(MONEY) versions.


Unique * [Steam Armor: UPGRADE!]: (CASH MONEY) (0/1) Leeyi (Alaina)

Cash Money is a Steam Armor, that is great for both defensive and offensive stances. The Crowd Pummeler has a comfortable inside, and is perfect for battles. It however, requires a high amount of resource in order to maintain it. Only one player can have this steam armor. And in order to upgrade the previous Steam Armor, they need to complete 3 “daily quests” for the Grease  Vault.


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56 minutes ago, Syn said:

(I will keep this updated as my loot list gets approved)

How do I buy loot?

- Once you defeat the second boss... Grease Vault will turn into an allied area. You can ask Pan the Quartermaster to turn your Grease Vault Tokens into items.

How do I get Grease Vault Tokens?

- By defeating bosses! You receive 100 / Bosses.

Thanks Turtle for letting me steal your system ily


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[CAG-E V2] - 100

A mechanical Corgi pet.

It is great for pet battles, and also can track targets based on DNA samples if they are within 100 yards radius. Rolling a 10 out of D20 will result in the Corgi malfunctioning and lose track of the target.


[TURTL-E V2] - 100

A mechanical turtle pet.

It is great for pet battles, and also can scan the DNA samples of a target, storing the memory of their scent, face, last seen location. Rolling a 10 out of D20 will result in the Corgi malfunctioning and lose track of the target. 




I can't wait for my Turtl-E to roll a 10/20 and Corgi malfunctions.



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Creative Team

Updated Loots!



4 hours ago, Drez said:

I can't wait for my Turtl-E to roll a 10/20 and Corgi malfunctions.


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Can't wait to get my steam suit! The grind is real

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