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Blackcoin Resort and Casino Grand (Re?)Opening!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, boy and girls (if you have the coin), welcome to the Grand Opening of the Blackcoin Resort and Casino! Yes, we built a --- well no we didn't build it, we bought it from that one Mogul! Yeah, you know, the one whose burgers were said to contain human meat! Yeah the one allied with the noble who kept the slave.... the Alteraci one! You got it! The Blackcoin Cartel has purchased the Casino from the struggling Goblin, and are revitalizing it! We are planning to have an Azeroth's Ultimate Fighter Competition in the gladiatorial pits, blackjack tournaments, plays and theater, and many more! Please come on down, and make sure your wallet is fat! You can win some major moolah here!**


Also note, our buffet will now be hosting Taurahe Thursdays, where you can experience the tastes of Mulgore.... mmmm grass and plainstrider....


Note: We will be starting the Azeroth's Ultimate Fighter Competition shortly! It will be a 10g buy in per fighter, and a 100g purse for our winner!


**Disclaimer, if you or someone you know has a gambling addiction, please send them to our Casino.


((Flops has purchased the Oasis Casino and is planning on bringing new life to it. I will be using the Casino as a basis to host/DM small events, PvP fights or just small passive gambling. I have simulators for roulette, blackjack, dice, and slot machines, which I can employ from a DM mechanic to make sure you can waste your hard earned money with me instead of AFKing in mall!))


.t BlackcoinResortandCasino

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I'm hella interested in doing some rp in this place, Leeyi might be down for some 'questionable' work if it means getting some coin in from it. Might well be trying to enter into the competition too

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