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Local Report: Duskwood Battalion!

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The afternoon Local Report of the day reads as follows:



Stormwind Army prepares to Deploy! Commander Bradley Hailed for Development the Plan! 



The province of Duskwood has long been neglected by the Kingdom of Stormwind, hardly recognized as an official fief of the Crown. Much like Westfall, such neglection has earned the locals' distate for the reigning monarch and the representatives of the Crown. Even the nobility holds contempt towards the central government for their lack of action regarding the province's literal dark situation that has been going on for years. 


Recently, the province has been put in a much deeper state of disarray due to the undead invasion orchestrated by long time enemy of the land Morbent Fel. The threat has been quelled after a gruesome campaign that surpisingly counted on different allies, such as the Argent Crusade, and even the Army of the Light, but for many's surprise, the Stormwind Military -- represented by none other than renowned veteran Alderic Bradley. 


It would seem that the long going disregard for the province hits the Commander, and for months he has dedicated himself to the development of a proper military unit to be deployed to Duskwood as a manner of not only securing the Crown's influence over its rightful land, but most importantly the safety of its residents. 


And so it came that the Commander provided the High Command with a detailed unit sheet, complete with budget, personnel, officer staff, NCO staff, and even patrol plans taking in consideration terrain and level of danger that proceeds in the province after the undead invasion -- a task skillfully developed by Commander Bradley after being witness to the land himself in the undead invasion.


The project has been submitted to the House of Nobles as it includes a budget raise in order to support the newly formed unit. Some opposition has been made by a few sitting members of the House taking in consideration the kingdom's economy after one of the most gruesome wars ever endured by the nation and the Alliance as a whole. But in the end, a good number of the nobility, some of which are known acquaintances of Commander Bradley, were in favour of this much needed security mesure and the budget has been approved. 


The newly created Duskwood Battalion shall be commanded by Pandaria veteran Knight-Champion Maximillian Hassel, famous for his operations in forested landmass such as the Jade Forest and Krasarang Wilds, who's to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander and deployed with a staff of his personal choice to the province of Duskwood. It will also be his duty, as suggested by Commander Bradley, to provide what remains of the Night Watch Militia with proper military training and tactics such as the ones employed by Sir Hassel in his operations in Pandaria, as well as incentive to expand the militia as possible. 


The state of affairs in the province of Duskwood after such a surprising turn of events will definitely change -- hopefully for the better, as many pragmatic men in Stormwind City say. The Stormwind Army will finally be taking responsibility for the security and defense of the broad area of the province while the Night Watch will remain under the civilian authority of Darkshire, acting as the town's guard.


Commander Alderic Bradley made no comments on the success of this endeavor though he is almost certainly hailed positively by the High Command and His Majesty the King for his diligence in the development of such a plan.  


More news as the case develops.

For the Alliance, brothers and sisters!     


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