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[Twilight's Hammer] Ne'Ahn Ret'khar

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Ne'Ahn Ret'khar - The Kingdom of Bloody Hands


History and Introduction:


Ne'Ahn-Reth'khar (The Kingdom of Bloody Hands in Qiraji) is an illusive religious sub-sect of Qiraji founded roughly a thousand years ago by the prophet Ser'ikz after being granted a vision of the future by the Old God C'thun. Largely absent during the fall of Ahn'Qiraj, the cult is once again active. Originally made up of only Qiraji for obvious reasons, it is now actively recruiting Twilight's Hammer cultists despite traditional hatred of other races out of necessity.


Accepted Races:


Any race is allowed with the exception of Night Elves and Highborne as long as they are aligned with the Twilight's Hammer cult.


Accepted Classes:


All classes compatible with the Twilight's Hammer Cult are permitted.


Guild Application

Due to recent events involving twilight RP and for the sake of keeping this guild's RP quality as high as possible, a short application must be filled out and accepted or else your character will not be given the call to join us IC and will not be counted as part of this guild.


Application format:


Character Name:


Character Race/Class:


Short History (Sum up your character's history in 6-10 sentences.)


Knowledge of Twilight's Hammer (Keep it brief but meaty):


Other characters roleplayed on Paragon:


Powergaming and Metagaming, while having been reduced as of recent, are still a big problem on this server. In joining this guild you agree to report people for doing so if they do not give a valid explanation or retcon their rulebreaking as opposed to "going along with it". You also agree not to discuss the guild's IC plans or secret actions in any public OOC medium. This is a precaution to keep metagamers at bay. You also agree that you will not break either of those rules in your RP, especially within the guild's events. The punishment for doing so is a retcon of your character's presence, and a report to staff which may result in the revoking of your character. If you agree to these terms, state so here:


Guild related events will start soon.

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