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The Bloodtooth Clan

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Introduction/Brief History

Gardok is an incredibly charismatic Ogre. He may be dumb, but he is charismatic, and he has big hopes for his people. The ogre-magi Mok'Thor found him when their paths one day met and the two became comrades in that they both shared the view of the once great Ogre race. Gardok, being somewhat of an ogre nationalist, wants to unite the scattered Ogre clans of Azeroth instead of wailing around in the muck, waiting for their own doom or subjugation. The mysterious Mok'Thor, seeing an opportunity in the strong and driven Gardok, pledged himself to his new Chieftain, and thus the Bloodtooth Clan was born.


Finding like-minded Ogres proved to be hard, but not a too hard task. Soon, the Bloodtooth's numbers grew to over 50 Ogres which joined because they either also were fed up with theirs and Ogrekind's situation, or they were convinved that they were fed up with the situation. Some were former Tanaris Ogres or "hired" muscle by abusive Goblin cartels, while others were, like Gardok and Mok'thor, wandering lone-ogres.


Through the reasonable negotiation of Mok'Thor's, the Bloodtooth Ogres were able to leave Kalimdor behind on Goblin boats (having payed for the ride in manual labor which Mok'thor saw to it was non-abusive) and has ended up in Booty-Bay!


Here, the journey starts. Gardok and Mok'thor are setting out with their Ogres to unite as many clans as they can, and settle in a peaceful land where Ogrekind can roam free.



The goal of this Clan is, as stated above, to unite as many Ogre clans as possible with minimal bloodshed and settle a peaceful land. Perhaps even going back to their origins in Nagrand. While this will prove to be a very difficult task, time can only tell how well Gardok and Mok'thor will succeed... Or fail.




As Ogres tend to be either cooperative or territorial, the balance between good and evil is fair. When threatened by outward forces, the Bloodtooth will retaliate, however they will mostly deploy peaceful methods to achieve their goals.



Joining the clan is simple. Just prove to Gardok or Mok'thor that you share their views or want to join them for whatever reason, and start off as a Newblood. Once having proved yourself helpful to the Clan, you will become a full-fledged member of the Clan. If you are Civilian, you will always be just that. However Brute Warriors and Magi can become Champions or Advisors to the chieftan himself.


Accepted Races/Classes




The standard Ogre Warrior finds a weapon out of anything. While they can be clumsy and dumb, they are in no way to be underestimated. Their size and brute strength grants them the respect of many great warriors, although their intellect might attract ridicule.




Ogre-Magi are not to be taken as lightly as the Ogre-Warriors. These ogres have been granted greater intellect and capability of magic. They are often advisors to the Chieftains and employ powerful, devestating magic that goes well in combination with their brethren's brute strength.




Some Ogres have been able to commune with the spirits, making them a unique kind of shaman. While they might not always be blessed with greater intellect, the spirits guide them in their own way. But do not take this as a sign of weakness - the Ogre Shamans are just as much warriors as they are spiritual casters.




One would think you'd only have to worry about one kind of warrior Ogre, but then one would think wrong. The Brutes or Maulers (they have many names) as they're called in the Bloodtooth Clan are very similar to Berserkers. Their bloodlust drives their strength and makes them ignore pain, and prefere big, if not giant, weaponry to squash or cleave their enemies.




Ogre-Magi may not always follow the ways of the arcane. Some follow the path of destruction, and others even down the path of affliction or demonology. Deploying shadow and fel magic proves to be just as effective as arcane and fire!




Naturally, only Ogres are allowed as trueblooded members of the Clan, though the Ogres might find themselves in need of the services of, say, neutral goblin cartels or other factions.


Clan Ranks

While many Ogres are too dumb to know what an order is, the Bloodtooth Clan values discipline. Disobeying a direct order from a superior will result in consequences, and may end with exile.

The ranks are as follows:

High Chieftain - Guild Master (Gardok)

High Advisor - Officer (Mok'Thor)

Chieftain - The champions and officers of the Clan. Answers to the High Advisor and the High Chieftain. May employ advisors of their own.

Advisor - May advice other Chieftains or the High Chieftain himself, and is a more intelligent Ogre, such as an Ogre-Magi.

Brute - The warrior or footsoldier of the Clan. Typically dumb.

Magi - The casters of the Clan. Ogre-Magi naturally earn this rank.

Ogre - The civilian rank, and the rank an Ogre earns after he has passed the Newblood stage.

Newblood - The newcomers to the Clan that have not yet taken the rite of passage to become a fullblooded member of the Clan.


Current Status

Step 1 - As of right now, the Clan has just begun on their journey, arriving at Booty Bay with their 53 Ogres, ready to begin their quest to unite the scattered Clans of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Step 2 - Encountering the Mosh'Ogg in Stranglethorn, Gardok was able to challange their cheiftan and defeat him in combat. The 300 ogres of Mosh'Ogg thus joined the Bloodtooth Clan, and packed up and left.

Current Progression - 5%

Clans Conquered - None

Current Numbers - 350~

Morale - Medium


Ogre Clans Status (Azeroth)

Boulderfist - Located in Arathi, currently leaderless, 100-200 in number. Also located in Outlands, numbers and leaders not included.

Crushridge - Located in Alterac, led by Mug'Thol, suggested to be around 1000 in number. Somewhat lessened on Paragon so 500~.

Deadwind - Located in Deadwind (duh), currently leaderless and scattered. Formerly 750 in number, now suggestively wiped out. Survivors possibly 200~.

Dreadmaul - Located in Blasted Lands, appearantly leaderless. Around 500 enslaved by the horde, 600 still free. Total of 1100.

Dunemaul - Located in Tanaris, led by Sandscraper. Around 450 in number. Has appearantly "joined" the Horde.

Dustbelcher - Located in Badlands, led by Gro'Ach the Wise. Numbers in decline since cataclysm, down at 200~.

Fire-Gut - Located in the Burning Steppes, allied with the Blackrock Orcs and led by Gor'Tesh the Brute Lord. 900~ in numbers.

Gordok - Located in Dire Maul (not to be confused with Gordunni). Led by King Gordok. Hostile to all. Around 1000 or maybe even more in number.

Gordunni - Located in Feralas, alligned with the Gordok Ogres and therefore also led by King Gordok. 770~ in number. Also located in Outlands, numbers and leaders not included.

Mo'Grosh - Located in Loch Modan. Appearantly wiped out by the Dwarves, however Gor'Kresh still remains. Possibly the last survivor. Earlier numbers between 200-500, varies greatly.

Mosh'Ogg - Formerly located in Stranglethorn, was taken over by the Bloodtooth Clan and left northward. Mai'Zoth was killed, leaving the powerfull stone he might have had to remain a mystery. They were around 300 in numbers.

Spirestone - Located in the Blackrock Spires, led by Highlord Omokk, allied to the Blackrock Orcs. Numbers hard to establish, however they are suggested to be quite a large portion of the Blackrock Horde's forces, therefore it's safe to assume they're around 1000.

Splinter Fist/Vul'Gol - The only clan with two names. Located in Duskwood, led by Zzard'Vul, 1000~ in number. Appearantly wiped out on Paragon, however no approval of such an event has been found. Awaiting retcon and restoration.

Stonemaul - Horde Ogres, located in Duskwallow Marsh. Led by Mok'Morrok, 500~ in number.

Urok - Barely a clan. Just a band of personal guards to Urok Doomhowl. <100 in number.

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I like how my antivirus claims that this contains harmful URLs. Lmao.


Nice to see some ogre stuff.. Not a fan of it. But it's cool addition you know?


Hope you have some luck with the guild and if you need a DM we DMs exists for just that reason, remember that. Cheers.

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Thanks Pukin!

And don't worry Nomit, just look out for Gardok, Mok'Thor, Opie, Waruk and a few others.

We usually log in a few hours before we start some roleplaying!

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