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Everstill Confederacy - Guild Story

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As the guild story of the

Everstill Confederacy grows,

we feel the need to reserve this thread to serve as an archive.

We politely ask you to do not post here in order to keep things clean.

For any questions or feedback, I'm available to answer them in the main guild

thread or through PM.Thank you.



Chapter 1 - Call to Arms!

Part 1 - The Birth of a Revolution

Many are the injustices, the cruelties and the misunderstandings of this world. But for Vitarus Lan there were also hopes and desires. Needing to work hard every day in order to get his bread and wine - to survive - he had little motivation to put his thoughts to action... until now.


Meeting with a gilnean druid by the name of Blaidd, Vitarus forges an unlikely friendship which led him to, along with this very druid, to create a group dedicated to protect Lakeshire and it's denizens, along with building a philosophy centered in justice, equality and safety of Stormwind.




Creating the Manifesto, a point where they base their point of actions, Vitarus speaks in public announcing the birth of the Everstill Confederacy - a militia seeking a just, honorable and safe nation. Finding recruits such as Mindol Malezar or allies like Gilther Berron, the Confederacy intends to uncover the details of the Blackrock's return...


Part 2 - The Threat Has A Name

In an attempt to obtain some details about the recent Blackrock attacks, Vitarus summons the Everstill Confederacy which, with the help of some locals, go scout the Redridge Mountains while interrogating farmers, guards, and anyone else who could hold any clue about the Orcs.




Making a dangerous move by walking to the gates of the Burning Steppes, the Confederacy is ambushed by a group of Blackrocks led by an orc named Blozug. While the Confederacy holds the ground, a paralyzing arrow strikes Blozug, forcing him to retreat.


With some luck, the Confederacy stood victorious this day.

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