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The Bloodmire

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-~The Bloodmire~-





“This land is where orcs and humans first spilled each other's blood. Not a mile south lies Stonard, where the orcs first grouped to invade our lands.

It was here they amassed their armies before we even knew they existed. It was here that they started the first of three wars with their attack on a small Alliance town to the west.

My town. The town where my parents died to save me.

But I'm not here to settle a grudge... I'm here to win a war.â€

- Commander Jonna Blueheart

Missives have been dispatched to heroes of the Alliance and the racial capitals. A battle is about to ensue in the Swamp of Sorrows, and Commander Blueheart wants Champions of the various Alliance Kingdoms to tip the odds in her favor. Those who respond are to head to Marshtide Watch and contact Knight Amello Surblade to join the fight. The Swamp of Sorrows are going to run red with blood.



Alliance only. If interested, you should probably read up on how the quest line unfolds. I would like to make it a PvP event, but the Horde gets stepped on. It’s a tribute to Warcraft I, and you’ll see some old symbolism and references. Should be a… -killer- event.


Chance of Death: If someone doesn’t die, I didn’t do this correctly. War is hell.


Set Time & Date : TBA


Player Cap : 5 Players


Estimated Time : 2 Hours (Give/take)

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The slaughter in the Bloodmire will be upcoming in the next few days. Stay tuned because it is almost done being set up...



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Event will take place in roughly 4 hours. After I fetch my brother from work and take him to get X-rays. Cheers.



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The battle ended with the Alliance soldiers retreating from the heart of Stonard. The Horde army at Stonard was decimated, but returning forces from the Blasted Lands invoked a route of the over-streched Alliance warriors.



Time: Estimated 2 hours. Actual 2 hours and 47 minutes.

Heroes (cap: 5 attended: 10)

Nomis: Sustained heavy wounds. Took an axe to the back and then passed out due to blood loss. Was taken back to Marshtide watch to receive treatment.

Kleria: Was shellshocked by friendly fire, bashed by a Kodo, Shocked by a Shaman's chain lightning. Finished the fight. A medal for valor is to be requested for her.

Baile:Recieved a shrapnel spike through his thigh, dislocated his shoulder, his horse was cut in half by a Bladethrower, knocked out by Lightning bolt and impaled by a Blademaster from behind. Is currently being escorted to Stormwind to receive treatment. A medal for valor is to be requested for him.

Isabel: Rune Sister of OP took an axe to the side, was naked, gashed chest due to Kodo horn, peppered by shrapnel had "shocked bones" from the impact of a catapult and took some lightning. A medal of heroism is requested for her actions.

Kristel: Shadowstepped a lot. Took friendly fire from Isabel. Invited a bunch of friends. Can receive a recommendation for medal if she talks to Blueheart.

Asher: Hit with a flurry of shrapnel early in the battle, was unable to provide further assistance. Ended up walking out with minor injuries. Can be given medal if name was given to Blueheart.

Amello: Horse was killed by Blademaster. He led the heroes through the battle. Lead a reinforcing unit of cavalry and is currently escorting Baile back to Stormwind to receive better treatment. A medal for valor has been requested for him.

2 other Cryic Tempus goons: Arrived late in the battle, didn't have a significant effect.

Tyronne: Came in to help fight the final Orc leader. Got the killing blow then ended up skinned her....requested to be institutionalized...


((Should a GM approve the request for medals, those Human heroes who partook in the whole battle will be rewarded. All participants are to be given 5 gold coins as compensation regardless of when they joined.))

The Horde forces in Swamp of Sorrows are crippled, but the Alliance did not fair too well either their Champions are battered, but victorious.


And you didn't read wrong. We were at 10 people. >.<



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((Additionally most of the event has been cleaned up. you can remove privs now until I decide on my next hair-brained scheme....))



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All the medals seem fine wasn't just her impacting a boulder. She was enlarged and punched it! Get it right!


Regardless I see no issue with any of the medals.

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Okay then...Medals....


Baile, Kleria, and Isabel are to be rewarded the Silver Lionhead (like the Silver Star for us Americants)


Amello after initially trying to refuse the award has settled for a lesser award, and has been granted the Bronze Lionhead with Valor. (Bronze Star with V for us normal people.)


And a waiver for Tyronne to check himself into a mental health facility has been granted, should he choose to accept it.



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And a waiver for Tyronne to check himself into a mental health facility has been granted' date=' should he choose to accept it.




..Like hell he will, or he may do just to turn up in orc skin costume. #Hanniballyf

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