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The Fiendish Invasion

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The Fiendish Invasion



#563: Sentinels have reported that a druid of the nightmare has settled in a cabin, in Duskwood. They are requesting that Stormwind could send able-bodied men and women to check up on the situation, and if necessary, slay the druid.

The Sentinels also reminds of whoever participates in the raid, should care for their mental and physical health since nightmare druids are highly corruptive.



So, I'll be doing an event that focuses on each individual rather than hit-the-target event. You'll be going through quite a mutated and fallen cabin in Duskwood and find a lot of horrid creations, mutated humanoids and a lot of other stuff. After that, you'll be have to fight something on your own, mentally yet visually. That being said, there'll be a rather high chance for your character falling to this mental invasion, but that doesn't necessarily mean character death, just character alteration, which I'd like to ask my participants to be open for.


Loot: Damn straight.

Death/Alteration of character: Medium-High.

Time and date: 22.00 GMT+1, Monday 21st

Player size: 5




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If only it wasn't you running the show' date=' Noell. <3



Still traumatized?

If not having it included in the description, then combat will be minimalized.

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