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Freedom in Death

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"Once-beautiful wooden house, owned by a family long gone and forgotten, located near Duskwood, on top of a hill in Deadwind Pass, with only a small, hidden road leading to it, has been located by a wealthy businessman. However.. once he acquired the tools he'd need to enter and approached the house in order to check the condition properly, he heard whimpering coming from inside, as well as furniture being smashed to pieces.


Bringing hired muscle, he returned in order to drive away whoever was currently living in his property.. Only to feel as if death itself stared at him through one of the boarded windows. His hired help ran away immediately at this, and he as well, followed soon enough, but not before looking to the window in question.. Getting a glimpse of what appeared to be a corpse.


He is now seeking professional mercenaries, willing to risk their necks in order to cleanse the house from whatever may live inside."





Time: Friday, 22:00, GMT+0300 (EEST)

Risk of Death: Moderate.

Player Limit: Six.


Event about horror and mystery, mixed with challenge in many forms than one! Intended for mercenary characters, those who would put their lives at stake for coin. The event might take a considerably long while, as such, I expect everyone who's joining to have a free time table. Expect to have obstacles where you'll be asked to use your head instead of fists, situations where you're asked to take a risk.

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If we can make this happen on Friday, you can count me in as well.

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